February 2008: From the Heart with Confidence

Western ColumbineThis is the season for Love. Over the centuries various European cultures have held celebrations for love and fertility somewhere from late January through early March.  Several were in February. A pagan Roman emperor executed a Catholic priest named Valentine on February 14th.  The emperor had decreed that young men could not marry, apparently thinking that unmarried men would be more willing to join the army. However, Valentine secretly conducted marriage ceremonies for young couples. Somehow these two happenings got combined over the centuries.  The first record of a valentine card was in 1415 from Charles, Duke of Orleans of France to his wife while he was being held in the Tower of London after capture during a battle.  In modern times Valentine’s Day was reinvented during the 1840’s.

From the Heart with Confidence: Western Columbine

Western Columbine is the featured essence for February. Western columbine, also known as red columbine, grows in moist open to partly shaded areas from timberline to sea level in the Northwest Pacific Coastal region of North America.  It blooms in spring and its outer flower petals are orange-red with spurs. The sweet nectar is food for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.  Indigenous peoples used the leaves and roots for various medicinal purposes.

On the flower essence level Western Columbine instills a visceral body sense of stepping into your life with confidence by working through the energy circuits related to the root and sacral chakras. This is the kind of confidence that doesn’t require thought, only action.  Thinking about the process actually gets in the way of your body memory – like driving a car, playing a sport or a musical instrument.  It also supports the process of making changes in your life with confidence.

In matters of the heart, some people find it challenging to express what they really feel.  Western Columbine encourages you to express your feelings with a genuine confidence that comes from the depth of your Knowing.

As Western Columbine Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged, competent life.  I express my feelings with genuine confidence.

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