Flash Sale – Reconnect to the Divine

Space exploration is wonderful, but has the human species advanced to a place where doing so will be a fruitful endeavor, or is it just a measuring contest? Here we are once again, feverishly racing towards a great unknown, yet still ill-advanced to even begin to understand what kind of life we render ourselves to if we were to destroy our earthly home. Wantonly abandoning all hope, or even trying collectively to come up with long-term, viable ways to turn our bad practices into more sustainable ones, is a dangerous gamble.

The planet has been under attack, and this week the world has been put on blast for it. Where do we start protecting this planet when there are so many toxic practices actively destroying the beauty and the wonder of nature? Can we convince the powerful countries (or ourselves) to abandon their greed, and face the reality that if we continue with business-as-usual, that this planet will parish as we know it?

This subject has always been a deep concern of mine. I’ve wasted bouts of time in this life not connecting to the spiritual aspects of myself; denying or fearing the calls to action, being suspended in lower-frequency emotions, and being afraid to face the word addiction. I have spent too much time in self-suppression. I cannot just idly sit by any longer and pretend that this doesn’t concern me.

Flower Essences have given me a chance to reconnect to the Divine within me, and all around me. Thank you for allowing me to share some of this journey with you. The essences chosen for this flash sale came up when I asked for guidance on what essences are most needed for myself, and our readers at this time.

Cosmically Connected,


This FLASH SALE won’t last! Ends Monday, November, 8th 2021!

Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence

Clustered Wild Rose (Rosa pisocarpa) – Engenders strong, heartfelt, directed, compassionate, purposeful, and soft feminine energy. Supports the collective world consciousness to embody a more gentle, compassionate way of life. 

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Lupine Flower Essence

Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) – Retrains the energetic pathways that feed fear and anxiety toward responding from personal peace and gratitude.  

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Pathfinder Flower Essence

Pathfinder(Adenocaulon bicolor) – Brings the vibrational octaves of the ley lines (energy meridians) of the Earth, the organ energy meridians of the human subtle bodies, and the cosmic pathways of light and sound into resonant harmony, which improves your health and well-being. Spins the Earthstar chakra, the 3rd eye chakra, and the star chakra. 

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Self-Heal Flower Essence

Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris) – Enhances downloading high-level spiritual frequencies while aligning all of the chakras. Increases your ability to integrate that strong communication into your physical body with ease. Facilitates grounding and moving into resonance with the Earth’s heartbeat. All of this enables your body/mind to function coherently.  

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Fireweed Flower Essence

Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) – A powerful transformer and healer! Initiates shifting personally and collectively from a male dominant, power-over paradigm to a more feminine loving, joyful, nurturing, in-harmony-with-nature paradigm.

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Ninebark Flower Essence

Ninebark (Physocarpus capitatus) – Supports electromagnetic stability in the body by harmonizing the interplay between all 9 layers of your energy fields and alignment with your chakras and organ energy meridians. Creates a platform for energy fields to regain stability at a higher level of functioning after a shift.  

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Red-Osier Dogwood Flower Essence

Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus serice, aka Cornus stolonifera) – Aligns the body/mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body coherence.

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Skullcap Flower Essence

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) – Facilitates full integration of the soul with the physical body. Operates as an ally to keep the soul securely tethered to the physical during intentional out-of-body journeying.  

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