Flash Sale – Clear Connected & Cohered

Flower and Tree Essence Set

The 8 essences in this set (or sold separately) work together to clear your energy fields. Create some high-frequency appropriate boundaries. and plug you into the energy resources of Earth and the Cosmos! These essences will aid you in your ability to recharge and integrate all of this into your body coherently.

What a wonderful offering to help you feel energized and at home in your physical and etheric bodies!

I also wanted to give more information about the Void Moon of Course, and offer a more informative link about what it is, and how you can use it to your advantage. I had meant to link to astrologer Molly Gauthier‘s Moon VoC page but I missed it in my edits. She does an amazing job explaining this phenomena at length in a way that is easy to understand. She has been a Tree Frog Farm friend and astrologer for many years, and comes highly recommended!

You can also check out Molly’s printable moon calendar linked here. Molly mentioned recently in her blog that we just transitioned from a Capricorn in Mars into Aquarius in Mars. This vibe shift happened on the 16th. There was a notable shift in energies, did you notice the shift?

During the weekend, (19th-21st) this aspect offers an opportunity to bridge a divide despite upset and stress. Make a clear connection to live a cohered way and don’t allow stress and upsets to take over. Set appropriate boundaries for yourself in a loving way, and vibrate your high resonating frequencies from the Earth out into the Universe!

Loving that Full Moon in Virgo turned Libra Moon Vibe!

With Love and Healing Energy, Rhaychell

Don’t wait to buy this set! When you buy all 8 in the 1/2 oz size bottles it comes in a convenient box to safely store your essences.

As these evolutionary frequencies continue to ramp up, experience how the Clear Connected and Cohered Set will support you during this process!

Flash Sale ends on Monday 3/21. Hope you enjoy.

Western Hemlock Tree Essence

Western Hemlock Tree Essence works through the etheric physical, emotional and mental layers of the personal energy fields to soothe irritations, intrusions, and disturbances to these energy fields. Reawakens the clear energy blueprint for these fields and facilitates related healing at the cellular level.

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Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence illumines a column of golden light through the center of your body, creating protection and joy from the inside out. Now Celebrate Life!!

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Iris Flower Essence

Iris Flower Essence reconnects the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body with Earth and Spirit when your connection has been compromised, and channels that connection on to the cellular level.

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Pathfinder Flower Essence

Pathfinder Flower Essence correlates the link between the leylines (energy meridians) of the Earth, the organ energy meridians of the human physical and subtle bodies, and the cosmic pathways of light and sound.

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Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid Flower Essence

Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid Flower Essence supports being totally comfortable and at home in your body through being grounded in Mother Earth. Helps you to recharge from her unlimited energy source.

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Red-Osier Dogwood Flower Essence

Red-Osier Dogwood Flower Essence aligns the body and mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body cohesion.

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White Yarrow Flower Essence

White Yarrow Flower Essence seals energetic wounds and sets up a spherical field of white translucent protection around the outer reaches of your electromagnetic energy fields. Then permeates the energy circuits of your brain and central nervous system with high frequency White Light.

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Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence

Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence pulses the emotional center at the heart chakra to operate independently from the cognitive and emotional brain functions. It clears static from the channels of communication between your personal mental and emotional energy fields. This supports thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

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Flash Sale – Clear Connected & Cohered