Flash Sale – Empowerment Flower Essence Set

The Empowerment flower essence set encourages you to speak your voice and step out of habits that don’t support your true Being while having compassion for yourself in the process.

With the ‘eclipse season’ now underway in 2023 after the recent solar eclipse and the upcoming full moon eclipse on May 5th, the energy of new beginnings is circulating as we let go of people, things, and habits that no longer serve our greater good, and move us forward towards alignment with our Highest Self. Empowerment and courage to create confidently the life you want to live inspired this essence set. Speaking from your centered heart and thinking with a clear mind can make living your best life, as your best self, an EMPOWERING and potent process.

This sale ends on Monday, April 23rd, so don’t wait!

⭐ – Rhaychell

As these evolutionary frequencies continue to ramp up, experience how the essences in this set will support you during this process!

Pacific Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

Pacific Bleeding Heart

Pacific Bleeding Heart Flower Essence Supports compassion for yourself during challenging or stressful situations. It Aids the process of shifting from wanting to change another person or situation to realizing you can only change yourself and your reactions to situations.

As Pacific Bleeding Heart Essence Says of Itself:

I AM compassion pouring forth from an open, Light-filled heart soaring effortlessly into new insight.

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Trailing Blackberry Flower Essence

Trailing Blackberry

Trailing Blackberry Flower Essence joyfully serve yourself and others with an open heart, through compassionately speaking the full conviction of your perceived truth.

As Trailing Blackberry Essence Says of Itself:

I AM conviction joyfully speaking itself through the etheric pathways that form your perception of truth.

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Stinging Nettle Flower Essence

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle Flower Essence Support for coming out of the fog of living in a way that can’t support our true Being. Aids in making clear choices, especially about changing your relationship to toxic situations.

As Stinging Nettle Essence Says of Itself:

I AM clear in decision-making about life choices.

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Mandarin Lights Azalea Essence


Mandarin Lights Azalea encourages standing in your personal power during uncertainty and adversity with the ability to handle whatever comes your way.

As Mandarin Lights Azalea Essence Says of Itself:

I AM grounded strength and Aikido for life!

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Western Columbine Flower Essence

Columbine Flower

Western Columbine Flower Essence Increases optimism for living, supports building self-confidence, impulses making changes in your life, and encourages living an engaged and competent life.

As Western Columbine Essence Says of Itself:

I AM visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged and competent life. I express my feelings with genuine confidence.

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Camas Lily Flower Essence

Camas Lily

Camas Lily Flower Essence helps you speak what you want to create! Supports intentionally using your thoughts and voice to align with your Higher Guidance and create meaningful, potent life energy. Manifest your life how you want it to be!

As Camas Lily Essence Says of Itself:

I AM intentional thoughts and words aligned with Guidance to create and manifest.

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