Flash Sale – Reawakening the Sacred Feminine Box Set

The 6 essences in this set allow you to reconnect with your Sacred Feminine, and support living fully in the joy of Sacred Balance in harmony with Nature. They help you step away from lower vibrational feelings like anger and resentment, forgive those involved in the conflicts that hold these feelings captive within you, and heal any wounds you have experienced from the male-dominated cultural paradigm. These essences encourage you to be peaceful and to bring strong, heartfelt, compassionate, and purposeful feminine energy into your daily life.

You can purchase the essences featured in this weekend’s flash sale individually or as a box set. To purchase this set of 6 essences click HERE. As a boxed set, they will come in a Tree Frog Farm storage box for a safe and convenient way to keep your essences. This also makes for a handy way to reference the qualities of the essences that this set embodies.


Fireweed Flower Essence: The Fireweed Essence is a powerful transformer and healer. Realigns you to your own Sacred Feminine, and repairs any old traumas caused by the male-dominant culture encouraged by the Church. It releases fear and anger from our collective DNA and encourages you to release any unresolved energy you hold around this.
If Fireweed Flower Essence resonates with you, click the picture or the link to learn more about it and how it can be helpful.

Clustered Wild Rose

Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence: This essence works individually as well as with the larger collective of human consciousness. As each of us embodies our own strong, heartfelt, and compassionate feminine energy, the collective shifts to become a more gentle and compassionate one. Helpful when you want to bring a softer tone to aspects of yourself or your work that encompass a more masculine, sharply focused, fast-paced, or rushed approach. If you would like to learn more about Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence click on the link or the picture.


Lungwort Flower Essence: When you find yourself having difficulty slowing down, connecting with yourself, and finding balance in your life, Lungwort Flower Essence can be your ally! This can come through as an unwillingness to accept or recognize influences and aspects of your higher dimensional self, or you may want to integrate the “unseen” parts of yourself into your everyday life but are having a difficult time establishing a strong connection. Balance of the masculine and feminine energies from the universal to the personal level. Click on the link or the photo to learn more about Lungwort Flower Essence.

Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe Flower Essence: Activates rising above grudges and conflicts, and encourages you to access forgiveness, embody the lessons and step away from the drama. This process engenders personal peace. Indian Pipe Essence will be your ally when you are holding onto grudges, bitterness, and resentments or caught up in an argument that seems to have no resolution. When you are ready to end the conflict and continual “warring” with a family member, co-worker, or authority figure Indian Pipe will help you rise above it, see the roles each party plays in the conflict, and access forgiveness to disengage and make peace to end the conflict. To learn more about Indian Pipe Essence click the pic or the link.

Moon Shadow Rose

Moon Shadow Rose Flower Essence: is useful when you’re unable to move forward from the past, continually repeating the same patterns over and over, or feeling over-shadowed by it. Facilitates letting go of what is no longer useful by allowing you to release the shadows cast by your past and be open to the lessons that can be gleaned from it. Enables you to then move forward toward discovering your authentic Self. Click the link or picture of Moon Shadow Rose to learn more.


Snowberry Flower Essence: Strengthens the opportunity to heal emotional wounds both past and present. Useful when you have experienced emotional trauma so deep and intense that you forget who you truly are. Works through the body’s Emotional Subtle Energy Field by clearing out old “cobwebs” to make space for new ways of being. Declare independence from ALL previous emotional trauma! Learn more about Snowberry essence by clicking the link or picture.

If you dream of a better world for yourself and for the future, start by using the Reawakening the Sacred Feminine Set of Essences. Become the change you want to see!

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