Flash Sale – Seeds of Peace Love and Harmony Set

⛄ Happy Holidays 🧚‍♂️ From Tree Frog Farm 🐸

A holiday gift for yourself and significant people in your life! The essences of this set work together to engender personal peace, compassionate communication, and love for yourself and others. They help you feel protected, loved, and in harmony with All Beings. Using these essences will remind you of Peace on Earth and Good Will to All during this Holiday Season.

This set comes in a convenient Tree Frog Farm storage box for safe keeping and ease of use of your essences! You can create your own box set when you order any 6 or 8 essences from us! Just let us know in the ‘Notes’ section of your shopping cart at checkout that you would like a box.

You may order any of these essences individually on special through the weekend, or order them as a set. Individual essences are priced from $13.60 to $11.56. Box Set is priced from $81.60 to $69.36.

This Flash Sale Ends on Monday, Dec 12th!


Our shipping discount ends in 1 week! International customers with qualified orders can get a $12 discount off of your shipping total (qualified orders are $75 or more), but this offer ends next Friday, so don’t wait! Use code 12OFFSHIP to apply this discount to your shipping total. We appreciate you!! Shipping specials for everyone is available until next Friday as well! All orders receive a $4 shipping discount no matter the total! (This is applied automatically, so you wont see it show up under discounts when you check out, but we promise, its there!) As always all US orders over $75 get free shipping. If you order within the next week you can get your orders in before the holidays!

Yuletide Blessings will be on special for one more week, so get your scent of the season flower essence and aromatherapy mister now. We only make a small number of these every season, so get yours while supplies last! This aroma mister makes a wonderful energetic yuletide shift for holiday cheer, whether it is just for your home or for a special ceremony to usher back in the light!


We will be featuring unannounced and random product specials throughout this whole week! Be sure to check back everyday to see what we have on special! You might be suprised!


Nootka Rose Flower Essence

Nookta Rose

Let Divine Love blossom in your life! As the buds of this rose open, so can your heart open and bring forth the Light of Divine Love through aligning your heart chakra with the World Heart and the Universal Heart. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

Cottonwood Tree Essence


Effortlessly radiate and be Love. Spread seeds of Love to the world. Grow the tree of Love by connecting your roots that grow deep in the watery, swampy soils with the warmth and Love of the Sun. Inspires heartful harmony between species – those under the water and those under the sun. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

Michaelmas Daisy Flower Essence

Michaelmas Daisy

Calling all Angels! Feel angel wings wrapped around you, reassuring you that you are protected and loved. Facilitates communication from your God Self with your conscious mind and physical body. Engenders compassionate communication with yourself and others. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

Indian Pipe Flower Essence

Indian Pipe

Activates rising above arguing, warring, resentment, and grudges to see how each person, including yourself, is playing a role in a conflict that is providing lessons for your spiritual growth. From this perspective access forgiveness, personal peace, embody the lessons and, step away from the drama. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence

Clustered Wild Rose

Engenders strong, heartfelt, directed, compassionate, purposeful, and soft feminine energy. Supports the collective world consciousness to embody a more gentle, compassionate way of life. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

White Fawn Lily Flower Essence

White Fawn Lily

Encourages humility, deep introspection, and reverence for all life. Then lift your head, soften your eyes, open your arms and radiate Peace from your heart. Click on the Picture to Learn More!

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