Flash Sale – Wherever Your Path May Take You

Hello Friends,

When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I have found that I can easily settle my emotions by channeling my feelings into some form of art. Being an introvert, I need a certain amount of time alone in order to ‘recharge’. It doesn’t need to be a long time. An afternoon, or a few quiet hours at night, while everyone else is asleep, does the trick.

There is a marked sadness that lays just below my surface, and if I don’t take care, it can easily take over. Being creative has long been my way of self-discovery or self-regulation. There are many modes that you can choose for healing and transformation to take place. Giving yourself the space to acknowledge and release these things in a healthy way, will help you grow and get you to the place necessary to fulfill the work you are here to do in this life.

Paying attention to what messages you are receiving from the universe and your angels, and where your awareness is directed are helpful ways to stay in touch with the work necessary to heal. Being concise in your intent and direction will help your process well. I have found that emotional healing – like all healing – takes time, and if given space and patience, it can be the most rewarding form of self-care and love. This is all part of the process!

Love and light to you on your healing journey!


Flash Sale Ends Monday May 10th

Iris  (Iris germanica) – Channels stable energy on a cellular level and keeps the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body stable and connected when you are in a disruptive environment. Keeps you connected to Earth and Spirit during this process.

Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea)- Through the outer boundary (9th layer) of your energy fields, your 3rd eye, crown, and star chakras, resonate with the Divine song of the Universe. Restores cellular memory of Divine Awareness and impulses release of anything in the way of this.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) – Keeps you electrically grounded to the Earth while providing a sense of peaceful safety. Creates strong, heart-centered energetic boundaries, and filters out psychic intrusion.

Trillium (Trillium ovatum) – Encourages effortlessly integrating your personal energy into the Matrix of the Universal All-That-Is. Increases your experience of connection to and communication through this Divine Grid of Life.

Hawthorn Tree (Crataegus douglasii) – Shapeshift your creative process! When blocks and slowdowns get in your way, stay with the process instead of falling into anger and confusion. Use the magic of clear, intense, spiritually aligned intention to create exactly what you want to happen.

Tropical Sunset Rose (Rosa “Tropical Sunset”) – Facilitates heart-felt communication flowing between you and the larger system of the world.  Also, works through the energy circuits that relate to the circulatory system, sharing information received by the heart with other parts of the body and returning information from the body to the heart.

Stinging Nettle  (Urtica dioica) – Support for coming out of the fog of living in a way that can’t support our true Being. Aids in making clear choices especially about changing your relationship to toxic situations.

Red Huckleberry (Vaccinium parvifolium) – Reorganizes energetic brain functions for easier comprehension of both the multidimensional and daily-life-on-Earth aspects of making plans, creating tasks, and putting them into action. Engenders patience during this process.