January 2009: Manifest! Camas Lily

What is your heart’s deepest desire? What have you wanted to create for yourself for the longest time? It is now time to manifest that and whatever else would serve your highest purpose. Our newest blend, Manifest, will support you in this process. Please see below for more information. Camas Lily is one of the signature flower essences in this blend. And it is the essence of the month for January.

Camas Lily Flower Essence

Great Camas Lily grows in meadows and grassy slopes at low to mid elevations along the west coast of North America. The petals of the great camas twist together to protect the seeds until they are mature. Camas bulbs were an important staple food of many west coast indigenous American peoples, and native butterflies and their larvae depend on the camas lily.

Camas Lily Flower Essence helps you to speak what you want to create. This includes how you think about yourself and your ideas and how you express those thoughts with other people. Most of us are taught that what we think and say has little impact on our lives. However, words are very creative. When we think or speak words, which are vibration, we create sacred geometry that creates form. Using your thoughts and words intentionally to create what you want is very empowering. Camas Lily Flower Essence supports your ability to do this.

As Camas Lily Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM powerful, intentional thoughts and words that create and manifest.

For more information on Camas Lily Flower Essence and the amber, blue quartz, cavansite, lapis and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the monthly special link below.

» More information on Camas Lily Flower Essence

Manifest Flower Remedy Spray

Manifest Flower Remedy SprayManifest is a blend of 23 flower essences that assists you to manifest in alignment with your highest purpose. It supports the following process:

  • Become clearer about what you want to create
  • See what stands in the way
  • Align your thinking, emotions and body with what you want
  • Move past family lineage and societal conditioning
  • Remember who you really are
  • Transfer ideas and intentions from outside of time into grounded action within time
  • Create with confidence, gentleness, joy and gratitude

Manifest can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils. It is in a base of red shiso herb tea with organic white vinegar. (Read more information about the red/shiso vinegar base.) Manifest comes in a one-ounce spray bottle for easy use. Spray around your body, into a glass of drinking water or directly into your mouth.

For more information on the Manifest Flower Essence Spray and the Amethyst & Citrine Spirit Quartz, Drusy Quartz, Golden Topaz, Inca Jade and Ruby gemstones that energetically grounded this blend, go to the monthly link below.

Support your creative process with Camas Lily Flower Essence and Manifest Flower Essence Spray, and have fun seeing what you can manifest in your life!

» More information on Manifest Flower Essence Spray

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