July 2008: Sensory Integration: Twinflower

Linnaea, Twinflower, is blooming!! She is a beautiful groundcover with shiny dark green eliptic leaves and twin pink flowers that float in the breeze atop 2 to 3 inch tall thin Y shaped stalks. She grows in dry to moist wooded areas in the Northern Hemisphere around most of the world.

Sensory Integration: Twinflower

On the flower essence level, Twinflower assists the body/mind to more easily take in and integrate sensory stimuli in your surroundings. It calms the sense of overwhelm that comes from experiencing sensory overload. I’ve found that rapid evolutionary changes in my body/mind affect my sense of my surrounds. Sometimes normal sounds – like a chair moving across a floor or people talking – feel too loud and grating. Colors may seem exceptionally vivid for a day or two. I feel/sense energies around me differently, even very familiar places like my home. Friends and clients are having similar experiences. Sometimes all of this gets overwhelming. Enter our beautiful friend Linnaea.

Twinflower Flower Essence works through the energy circuits that affect the various parts of the brain and body related to taking in and integrating sensory information. It can help you settle your energy and focus your attention when your body/mind overreacts to external stimuli. During rapid spiritual expansion, Twinflower Essence may be a welcome ally.

As Twinflower Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease and calm while taking in my surroundings.

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