June 2006: Reframe Your Stories: Meadow Rue

Lately the weather has been teasing us with the transition from spring to summer. Days of sunshine alternate with days of rain. Or they play the dance of sun-showers. Spring often carries a sense of effort.  Plants are pushing up through the cool ground to find the sunshine.  Leaves are sprouting from branches coming out of winter’s slumber.  Summer blossoms, with a sense of relief, into a period of coming to fullness.  Meadow Rue blooms during this transition time.  It is a tall perennial garden ornamental bearing early summer flowers with showy, pendent tassels of long purple stamens, greenish sepals, and no petals. The stems are green at the base and purple at the top with dark green columbine-like leaves.

Reframe Your Stories: Meadow Rue

As a flower essence Meadow Rue works by storing new purple frequencies in the hippocampus of the brain. The hippocampus appears to be primarily responsible for linking sensory inputs from various parts of the brain especially those connected with emotional memory.  This allows you to play back a scene including your spatial orientation in it.  The hippocampus relates to short and long-term memory as well as the ability to store new information into memory. When this area is out of balance, you can get caught in the loop of repeating the same emotionally charged memory over and over until it becomes your life story.

This essence stores higher purple light frequencies in the hippocampus that are grounded into the body through the emotional heart functions. It works in both the brain and emotional subtle body to help you stop the old loop, step out of your habitual way of orienting to life and reframe your stories in a way that supports your healing and spiritual growth.

Meadow Rue says of itself:

I AM a new way of orienting to my life.

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