June 2007: Homo Luminis: Red-Osier Dogwood

Red-Osier DogwoodYears ago I saw an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation about a species that was undergoing a transformational leap.  A person of that species was found adrift in space with amnesia.  Curiously, he had unexplainable symptoms like waves of pain, energy bursting uncontrollably from his body and extraordinarily fast cell mytosis.  During the course of the show, as his symptoms grew more intense, he finally remembered who he was and what was happening.  At the end, he completely transformed into a being of light – a grid of light in the shape of a person.

Homo Luminis: Red-Osier Dogwood

Inka elders say that Homo sapiens are evolving into Homo luminis. From my experience, I would agree. We humans are undergoing a rapid transformation much like the person of light.  I believe it is as radical a transformation as fish evolving into amphibians. And our evolutionary process is happening within lifetimes as well as between generations. Sometimes I feel much like the person in the Star Trek show. I have experienced – along with some of my clients and friends – inexplicable flu-like symptoms including body aches, headaches or digestive distress, unexplained heat coursing through the body, a sense of the nervous system “shattering”, or a sense of the body losing cohesion like the cells could fly apart at any moment. Thankfully, we have Red-Osier Dogwood Flower Essence as an ally.

Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus serice, aka Cornus stolonifera) is a deciduous perennial shrub, 4-16 feet, native to North America that grows best in moist to wet sites in full to partial sun.  The flowers are small, white to greenish in terminal clusters that form in May or June.  The fruit is creamy white or tinged blue small berries in drooping clusters. It is a good source of wild bird food and habitat and a nectar source for butterflies and hummingbirds. Indigenous people used the long slim red stems for basket weaving, and made an extract from the bark and roots containing salicylic acid – aspirin – that was used for treating fevers and coughs. Indigenous people and early settlers smoked the inner bark, stem scrapings, and leaves.

As a flower essence Red-Osier Dogwood Aligns the body/mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body cohesion.

For the last 2 years Red-Osier Dogwood, in combination with other essences, has been a valued friend for myself and many of my clients to aid this process.  You may also find Red-Osier Dogwood a welcome resource.

As Red-Osier Dogwood says of itself:

I AM aligned resonance creating cohesion during your evolutionary process.

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