March 2008: Compost for the Cells and Soul

Turkey Tail MushroomFor the last two weekends I’ve been enjoying the warming weather by weeding and mulching in the labyrinth garden. The leaves and stems that are decomposable are added to the compost pile for next year’s garden. The mulch I spread is compost from last season’s garden greens, kitchen scraps, grass clippings and leaves.

Compost for the Cells and Soul: Turkey Tail Mushroom

The featured essence for March is Turkey Tail Mushroom. Turkey tail mushrooms have a tough shelf-like shape that is striped like a turkey’s tail with a range of colors from buff to reddish brown. The underside is covered with a cream to buff spore layer. Turkey tail mushrooms have been revered in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years for their healing properties. Modern research is finding that turkey tail mushroom and its mycelium have significant anti-cancer and immune system building properties, and they are also highly antimicrobial. In addition, turkey tail mushrooms are being used in ecological restoration projects to stop the progress of invading blight fungi in forests and to absorb mercury from water.

Where some essences have asked to be written about soon after they were made, Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence has waited four years. In this time I have gained deep personal and client experience working with this essence. My introduction to turkey tail mushroom began in January of 2004. I felt a pressing desire for healing around childhood trauma issues; my healing guides said that Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence would help with this. But it was too cold to make the essence until March. Instead I journeyed to meet the spirit of turkey tail mushroom. In the journey, I walked through a cave that had rounded, flat protrusions. Oh, yes, very large turkey tail mushrooms. I decided to sit on one and wait for the spirit of turkey tail to arrive. I felt safe and calm. Suddenly, I was sucked into the mushroom and began dissolving. I was told to watch without fear and for a while I rested in the sweet safe womb. Then I began to ooze out, but didn’t regain form. I was wraith-like, wispy. Then I saw someone coming toward me. I recognized this being of light as the spirit of comfrey. As we embraced, I regained form.

As I experienced in the journey, Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence is a powerful decomposer. It works deeply through the energy circuits that influence the chemical structures holding the physical, emotional or psychological imprints of childhood abuse or trauma at the cellular level. Like pulling weeds and stalks from last years herbs and adding them to the compost pile, Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence breaks down the old structures that may have been necessary at some point but are no longer useful. And as I experienced in the journey, it is not helpful to leave your body/mind in a decomposed state. Doing so can trigger physical or emotional imbalances that can further complicate your healing process. Like adding compost to rebuild the garden soil, Comfrey Flower Essence works through the energy circuits that influence the body to rebuild cellular structures that support your continued growth. And it aids healing the wounds of your soul. Because of this symbiotic process, we sell Comfrey Flower Essence with Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence. Generally 1 drop of Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence is taken with 2 to 3 drops of Comfrey Flower Essence.

As Turkey Tail Mushroom Essence says of itself:

I AM breaking down of barriers that keep you encased in childhood trauma patterns.

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