May 2004: Empower Yourself through Clear Choices and Action!

Three plants that are blooming now comprise the Empowerment flower essence set. They are Bleeding Heart (both the native and common), Stinging Nettle, and Trailing Blackberry. The native bleeding heart is a pretty, understory ground cover that is shorter, has pinkish-purple, smaller flowers and lacier leaves than the common, Japanese native variety. Both are sensitive beings and are combined to make our Bleeding Heart flower essence. Stinging Nettle is a plant many people love to hate because of its sting when touched. However, it is a powerful ally. Stinging Nettle is high in vitamins and minerals which support many body functions including detoxing; stabilizing blood sugar; soothing headaches, fatigue and sore joints; nourishing the immune, digestive, nervous and endocrine system; creating strong bones; and calming allergies and skin eruption like eczema. Trailing Blackberry, our only native blackberry, grows as long runners along the forest floor or climbing through other bushes. If you are tripping while walking in the woods it’s probably because of these berry vines. The berries form only on the female plants and are delicious for humans (think pies) and wildlife.

Empower Yourself through Clear Choices and Action!
Empowerment Flower Essence Set

The Empowerment flower essence set encourages you to speak your voice, step out of habits that don’t support your true Being and have compassion for yourself in the process.

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis, Dicentra formosa)

Supports compassion for yourself during challenging or stressful situations. Aids the process of shifting from wanting to change another person or situation to realizing you can only change yourself and your reactions to situations.

I AM compassion pouring forth from an open, Light-filled heart soaring effortlessly into new insight.

Trailing Blackberry (Rubus ursinus)

With an open heart, joyfully serve yourself and others through compassionately speaking the full conviction of your perceived truth.

I AM conviction joyfully speaking itself through the etheric pathways that form your perception of truth.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Support for coming out of the fog of living in a way that can’t support our true Being. Aids in making clear choices especially about changing your relationship to toxic situations.

I AM clear decision making about life choices.