Mid-February 2016: Becoming Humans of Peace

Becoming Humans of Peace

Humans are going through dynamic changes. Our species is rallying toward a more humane future. You might say “Are you crazy? Just look at all of the violence, hatred and racism in the news, the income inequality in the US and other countries, the disregard of earth’s natural system and over extraction of her resources!” To that I say, “Yes, it is true, and…..” I’ve been blown away by the number of students and folks of all ages going to political rallies in support of deep political change in the US. People who want our country to directly address all of the issues I’ve listed above and more. I cheered to hear of the International Climate Accord recently reached. I’ve been heartened by acts of kindness and compassion, including videos of an on-going forum for Israeli and Palestinian youth to get to know each other in a safe group environment. In the latest issue of The Optimist magazine, there is a special section on interfaith understanding, cooperation and compassion. These are only a few examples. 

Barbara Hand Clow, well-known metaphysical author, says we are becoming humans of peace – Homo Pacem. Alberto Villoldo, shaman and teacher says we are evolving into Homo Luminous, humans of Light. It starts with each of us, within each of us. 

mullein drawing copyThis time I’m featuring essences that support each of us in our continuing evolutionary and transformational processes and the challenges we experience along the way. Transform Ease was formulated specifically for this. Its counterpart is the Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend. Both support the integration of higher frequency energies through the chakras and endocrine system – Triple Burner from the meridian and fields around the endocrine glands, and Transform Ease from a broader perspective of life process including hormonal to emotional interface. Black Cohosh Flower Essence is a key essence in both blends. Mullein is vitally important in the Transform Ease Blend and a complement to the Triple Burner Blend. All are on special now to mid-March.

Each time I make an essence, I spend many hours sitting with the plant, communing, receiving downloads of information and writing. This is a drawing of the mullein plant from my flower essence journal.

InJoy, Diana

Black Cohosh Flower Essence

Black Cohosh is a woodland herb that grows in Eastern parts of Canada and the USA. Native Americans have historically used black cohosh for menstrual and gynecological problems, rheumatism and headaches. Currently it is best known for providing relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, headaches, and mood swings.

On the flower essence level, Black Cohosh supports a playful approach to physical body changes accompanying aging or the spiritual maturation process. Many of the physical and emotional symptoms that we experience are due to misalignments and miscommunications between parts of the body/mind. Black Cohosh Essence facilitates realignment and improved communication between dimensional layers within the body. For example, the pineal gland (crystalline receptor of higher dimensional information) communicates with the heart (emitter of electromagnetic waves of information) to get a message to the blood (equivalent to lava flow within the earth) that will change the blood chemistry.

Information also flows instantaneously in waves. As an example, one thought of danger instantly sends a wave through the field of the whole body creating simultaneous emotional, nervous system and muscular responses throughout the whole body. The Black Cohosh Essence raises the frequency of this instantaneous information to be more in alignment with higher consciousness which helps the body adjust to what our spirit is already experiencing.    

As Black Cohosh flower essence says of itself:

I AM aligned flow of communication in the body during spiritual maturation and aging.

For more information about Black Cohosh Rose Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, angelite, aquamarine, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Inca jade, Lemurian seed crystal, malachite, and Tibetan black quartz – go to the link below.

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Mullein Flower Essence

MulleinMullein is a medicinal herb native to central and southern Europe and western Asia that has naturalized in many other temperate areas. It has grey-green velvet-like large leaves producing a tall flower stalk to 6 feet covered in small bright yellow flowers. The leaves and flowers of this valuable herb are used for treating cough, congestion and bronchitis. When used externally, mullein softens and soothes the skin and heals wounds.

On the flower essence level, Mullein invites you to use the strength and constancy of the sun to access courage, joy and internal peace during challenging times. This makes the difference between genuinely feeling the pain of the situation and suffering about it.

Mullein Flower Essence encourages you to trust that even during the darkest night the sun will rise in the morning. It aligns the physical body with the etheric body, which strengthens access to higher emotional states and physical health during challenging times.  

As Mullein Flower flower essence says of itself:

I AM courage and internal peace during challenging times.

For more information about Mullein Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, danburite, drusy quartz, green heulandite, icosahedron cut quartz, ocean jasper, prehnite, rhodochrosite, and spirit quartz (citrine with amethyst) – go to the link below.

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Triple Burner Organ Energy Organ Energy Meridian Blend

tiriple burnerThere is no physical organ for the Triple Burner system. It relates to all of the organs and controls relationships between them largely through the endocrine glands and hormonal distribution systems. As the heating system of the body/mind/spirit, it regulates and distributes heat and water thorough the body. It is one of the heart protectors and contributes to emotional balance. Ancient Chinese Medicine considers the torso to be divided into three sections–the upper, the mist, which relates to the heart and lungs; the middle, the foam, which relates to digestive functions and organs; and the lower, the swamp, which relates to excretion functions and organs. The triple burner system works through these 3 sections.

Symptoms: Use Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you experience hot and cold physical and emotional upsets. This can express as fevers, chills, hot flashes and night sweats. You may be unable to feel or express warmth in relationships and experience a lack of emotional intimacy. You may find it difficult to be your own person, to choose our own way of experiencing life that is different from family and cultural beliefs.

Action: The Triple Burner OEM Blend works through the energy circuits that affect metabolic processes physically, emotionally and mentally. It regulates all of the organs, and balances and circulates warmth and water through the body. Higher frequency spiritual energies enter your body through the chakras, each of which relates to an endocrine gland. The Triple Burner system helps the body to regulate and integrate these energies. Emotionally, it supports circulating social warm and joy. This system is active in utero. Your experience in the womb can affect your ability to find your own individuality and to create your own warmth, your own relationships, and your own way of relating to the world.

For more information about the Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend and the cavansite, citrine, drusy quartz, nirvana quartz, rose quartz and tiger’s eye crystals that energetically charged it – go to the link below.

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Transform Ease Flower Essence Blend

Transform Ease Transform Ease Essence Blend helps to shift emotional states related to metabolic imbalances – like anger and worry – to more balanced states of calm and ease with daily functioning. It facilitates transformational life processes – suchas rapid spiritual growth, healing deep life learning situations, significant career changes, starting or ending a relationship, pregnancy or peri-menopause. As you go through transformational changes, your body metabolizes differently and your ways of feeling, thinking, speaking, moving and being in the world change. You may experience flu-like symptoms, temperature swings, sweats, wired and tired, exhaustion, moodiness, headaches, dizziness, achiness, or a sense of general body stress. Transform Ease assists you to move through and integrate these spiritual, energetic, emotional, hormonal, mental and physical body changes with ease.

For more information about the Transform Ease Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – amethyst, bloodstone, cavansite, chrysocolla and drusy quartz  – go to the link below.

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Come into yourself. Notice the seeds of peace and compassion, and cultivate them. They will flower into joy. Dona Nobis Pacem.

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