Mid-June 2016: Travel with Ease

Travel with Ease

School is out. Time to travel!!

diana travelingWe live on a little island where the top speed limit is 35 mph. If 3 cars go by on my morning run that is a lot!! We live a pretty quiet, low stimulus life. Each March we travel to Tucson, Arizona to dry out. The trip is pretty easy, but there are a lot of legs to the journey. We drive to the ferry dock, get in line and wait; take the ferry to get to the mainland; drive to the airport; park and take a shuttle to the terminal; go through security; wait for the plane to leave; take a 3 hour flight; arrive in Mesa, AZ; get a rental car; drive for 2 hours – with me as navigator checking the Maps program on John’s cellphone to determine the next turn or freeway connection – to the Crickethead B&B outside of Tucson. That becomes a 10-hour day. The first time, I was flipping off the top of SOS or Calm Centered Clear and spraying some in my mouth every few minutes – especially when negotiating multiple freeways out of the Phoenix Metro area. Now its familiar and usually easy.

Many years ago we went to the Yucatan in Mexico. Upon arriving some of our luggage was missing and we couldn’t talk with anyone about it because my high school Spanish was too rusty. The land felt weird to me, I couldn’t “settle into my skin”, so to speak. The culture was unfamiliar – gas station attendant grabbed money out of John’s hand for his tip and boys sat at the entrance to the woman’s public bathroom demanding payment before anyone could enter. All of this was so far out of my experience that I had a really hard time coping. Wish I’d had SOS and Calm Centered Clear then!!

As you travel this summer season – or any time – take SOS and Calm Centered Clear with you. (Note: SOS also helps to take the sting out of sunburns.) Common Rush is a key essence in both blends. Dwarf Rose is in SOS and is a complement to Calm Centered Clear. All of these are on special from mid-June to mid-July. Happy Travels!!

InJoy, Diana

Common Rush Flower Essence

common rushCommon rush is a US Pacific Northwest native plant that grows to 1 to 2 feet tall along wet meadows, marshes, roadsides and tideflats. In wetlands, rushes act as a natural water filtration system. Stems of the common rush were used for weaving by some indigenous peoples.

On the flower essence level, common rush facilitates grounding and stability. It clears foggy headedness and facilitates thinking more clearly. Common Rush Flower Essence does this by working through the subtle bodies, the energetic pathways of the brain and the neural fields of energy around the brain and heart (yes, the heart contains neural cells) to align your emotions and mind during spiritual expansions. It smooths the process of receiving higher frequency information.

As Common RushFlower Essence says of itself:

I AM capacity for aligning heart and mind, clear thinking and groundedness.

For more information about Common Rush Flower Essence, the sound imprints and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, drusy quartz, fluorite, hemimorphite (turquoise-blue), Herkimer diamond, icosahedron cut quartz, kyanite (blue), lithium (purple) quartz, mook jasper and rose quartz – go to the link below.

» More Information on Common Rush Flower Essence

Dwarf Wild Rose Flower Essence

dwarf wild roseDwarf rose is a US Pacific Northwest native rosebush. The flowers are small and pale-pink; the fruit is small orange to scarlet pear-shaped hips that often persist through winter. Indigenous peoples drank a tea of the leaves and twigs as a tonic and the outer rind of the hips was eaten sparingly. The seeds were not eaten because they contain hairs that can cause an ”itchy bottom.”

On the flower essence level, Dwarf Rose works on the energy circuits that affect the wave patterns of cerebral spinal fluid. By establishing new wave patterns, dwarf rose helps you to feel more at ease, grounded, centered, relaxed, mentally clearer, and emotionally more at peace. It also aligns and balances the cerebral spinal fluid, which releases pressure along the spine and around the brain. This in turn relieves pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. Fluctuating cerebral spinal fluid can be one cause of losing physical balance. Dwarf Wild Rose Essence helps to stabilize the cerebral spinal fluid for better balance.

As Dwarf Wild Rose Flower essence says of itself:

I AM centered, balanced, peaceful embodiment.

For more information about Dwarf Rose Flower Essence, the sound imprints and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, drusy quartz, elestial quartz, hematite, icosahedron quartz, Inca jade, red jasper, rhodonite, Tibetan black quartz, and white and red stilbite – go to the link below.

» More Information on Dwarf Wild Rose Flower Essence

SOS Flower Remedy Blend

SOSShock Or Stress, S.O.S. Flower Remedy is the all-in-one first aid flower essence remedy for adults, children and animals. It quickly eases physical, emotional and spiritual shock to restore calm and balance. The flower essences in S.O.S. Flower Remedy safely go to the level needed to sooth a bumped knee, take the sting out of sunburn, reduce the shock and settle you back into your body after an accident or trauma. It is helpful when an old trauma becomes reactivated, from a similar experience or during a healing process. S.O.S also calms over stimulation and stress of daily life. S.O.S is essential to your alternative medicine cabinet and a wonderful traveling companion!

S.O.S. is available with a dropper top in brandy base, or in a handy spray top in the red shiso base. The spray top is my personal favorite. Just flip off the top and spray into your mouth, or spray around you to settle the shock in your energy fields.

For more information about the S.O.S. Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – amber, aquamarine, black onyx, drusy quartz, and Inca jade – go to the link below.

» More Information on SOS Flower Remedy Blend

Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend

Calm Centered ClearCalm Centered Clear is a blend of flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. It helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, and to remain calm, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confident and at ease with yourself during this process.

Calm Centered Clear is great to keep with you while traveling. It eases confusion of unfamiliar road signs, frustration of trying to communicate in a different language, and the body edginess of being in a location with a different energetic feeling.

This blend has been supportive to students, teachers, body/energy workers, and business people. Helpful for ADD, ADHD and sensory integration.
Carry this handy spray in the red shiso base and spritz it directly into your mouth, into a glass of drinking water, or mist it around your head any time you want to feel more calm, centered and clear. Or try S.O.S. in the brandy base with a dropper top.

For more information about Calm Centered Clear and the crystals that energetically charged it – black obsidian, charoite, drusy quartz, lapis, red jasper, and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions, – amazonite, copper, drusy quartz, healer’s gold, Herkimer diamond, and smokey quartz with citrine – go to the link below.

» More Information on Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend

As you travel this summer season – or any time – take SOS and Calm Centered Clear with you.
You’ll be glad that you did. Happy travels! 🙂

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