Mid-September 2014: What, Me Worry?!

What, Me Worry?!

Fiery RingIn our culture worry is so common that it is accepted as an everyday part of life. We show love by comments like “I worry about you, do you get enough sleep?”…or…”Are you eating enough?” We show dedication by saying things like..”I worry if this project will turn out as we planned”…or…”I worry if I let down for a moment, things will fall apart.” Health is a major concern. “You’ve lost weight. Are you OK?” or “I worry about getting high blood pressure,” which could contribute to it.

I’ve started to see worry as a burden, as my “Ring of Doom.” In his book “Wisdom of the Shire”, author Noble Smith writes: “Bear your own Ring of Doom only for as long as you deem necessary. When the time is right, cast it into the fire and be free of the burden.”

Why continue to carry this burden of worry? Why continue negative self-talk? Why take on being overly responsibility by worrying for others? It’s almost as if worry has some magical power over us. Let’s break the spell. We have better uses of our time and energy.

Vine Maple Tree Essence was remade last April. It helps us through self-love to reframe patterns of negative thinking and self-talk into empowered honor and respect for ourselves. It is a key essence in the No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend. Although it is not in the Transform Ease Blend, they work together well to shift emotional and metabolic processes that relate to worry and self-critical thinking. Hope you find these as helpful as I have.

InJoy, Diana

Vine Maple Tree Essence

Vine MapleVine Maple is a small, sometimes multi-stemmed tree native to the North American Pacific Coast that grows 10 to 20 feet tall. Vine maple flourishes as an under story tree in moist woods with dappled shade, in moist open areas and along stream banks. In spring, flowers of reddish sepals and white petals hang delicately from fine branches. By fall, the flowers have become winged red seedpods and the light green seven to nine-lobed leaves turn to vibrant red-orange. Indigenous tribes took advantage of the long flexible shoots from the vine maple trees to make items such as baskets, baby cradles, snowshoes, fish traps and salmon tongs. The wood was used for fires and the charcoal mixed with oil to make a black paint.

On the flower essence level, Vine Maple Tree Essence is effective when you want to leave self-critical conditioning and victimized thinking behind so you can offer your unique Self and your unique gifts to the world. It assists you to retrain your self-critical thinking patterns into self-honoring and self-loving thinking patterns. Examples would be shifting from “there’s no way I’d ever be able to…” to “this hasn’t been a strength of mine in the past so now I’m learning to…”; from “my father ruined my life, and I feel such shame for what he did to” to “I’m beginning to understand that a child is not responsible for how her parents treat her…”; from “I’m too old to…” to “I’ve decided to follow my heart, even if other people think I am too old…” The way you think about yourself and talk to yourself is the first step toward empowering your life and manifesting your true Self.

There is a tenderness and self-love aspect to this essence. Instead of falling into a victim mode of fear and mistrust, Vine Maple Tree Essence instills a feeling of trust that things will work out. The trust comes from a quiet sense of personal power – not outwardly displayed, but quietly lived.

As Vine Maple Tree Essence says of itself:
I AM empowered through self-love to honor and respect myself.

For more information about Vine Maple Tree Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, charoite, drusy quartz, garnet, icoshedron cut quartz, lapis, red aventurine, smokey quartz, and white and red stilbite, go to the link below.

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No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend

No Worry Be HappyNo Worry Be Happy blend of flower and tree essences supports flowing easily through your day focused on lighthearted playful joy instead of troubles and worries. Anxiousness and worry occur when the energies of thinking and feeling get mixed together between the cognitive brain and emotional heart functions, and within the mental and emotional energy fields. The No Worry Be Happy blend brings you back to your multidimensional heart while calming your mind. When you feel unhappy, anxious or overwhelmed by the demands of your life, it helps to lift your spirits, soothes your mind and settles your body. It encourages emotional balance and feeling at ease with yourself and your experiences.

For more information about No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it – blue quartz with blue tourmaline inclusions, charoite, chrysocolla, drusy quartz, and white and red stilbite, go to the link below.

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Transform Ease Essence Blend

No Worry Be HappyTransform Ease Essence Blend helps to shift emotional states related to metabolic imbalances – like anger and worry – to more balanced states of emotional calm and ease with daily functioning. It facilitates transformational life processes – such as rapid spiritual growth, healing deep life learning situations, significant career changes, starting or ending a relationship, pregnancy or peri-menopause. Transform Ease is also a wonderful ally as our bodies adjust to Earth tectonic plate and energy grid shifts, electromagnetic shifts accompanying solar flares, and other solar system wide changes due to higher frequency upgrades. As you go through transformational changes, your body metabolizes differently and your ways of feeling, thinking, speaking, moving and being in the world change. You may experience flu-like symptoms, a type of spiritual flu – temperature swings, sweats, wired and tired, exhaustion, moodiness, headaches, dizziness, achiness, or a sense of general body stress. Transform Ease assists you to move through and integrate these spiritual, energetic, emotional, hormonal, mental and physical body changes with ease.

For more information about Transform Ease Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the amethyst, bloodstone, cavansite, chrysocolla and drusy quartz crystals that energetically charged it, go to the link below.

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Throw your “Ring of Doom” into the fire and live a life empowered by self-love and balanced emotions.

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