Mid-September 2020: School Stresses

School has started again, and life has gotten more complicated and frustrating for many students and parents. The options seem to be fully online, fully in the classroom or a hybrid of the two. There are benefits, risks and difficulties with each of these. Stress is mounting for many parents and children!

Our production manager, Rhaychell, has a 6 year old daughter who is in first grade. Beach Elementary School on the island is very small. Students have a more focused environment and individual attention in the classroom. This year classes are being taught virtually. It’s a good thing that I give our employees a flexible work schedule. Life happens!

Most working parents have fixed schedules, many times 40 hours per week. How can working parents help with school, or who takes care of school-age children if their parents need to work? What about parents with 2 or 3 children in different grades that each have a different curriculum?

Some schools are only meeting in classrooms. The benefits are having more access to teachers, a focused learning environment, and an opportunity to practice building social skills. The risks of Covid19 are much greater. Other schools are set up as hybrid, some days online and some in classrooms to try to maximize the benefits and limit the risks of both methods.

Covid19 is not likely to go away soon, so the stresses and frustrations are likely to continue. Parents and kids in either school situation can benefit from support for staying calm and centered, and for learning easily in these new situations.

We are offering our Shock or Stress (SOS) Flower Remedy Blend, Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend and Stress Relief Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister to help in these times. The featured individual essences are Devil’s Club, Pennyroyal and Golden Celebration Rose. All are in the SOS Remedy Blend, Pennyroyal and Golden Celebration Rose are also in Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend, and Devil’s Club is also in Stress Relief Aromatherapy Essence Mister.

All of these are on special until mid-October.

InJoy, Diana

Help yourself and your children lessen your Stress and Frustration this school season by using flower essences! And remember to breathe! 

Shock or Stress Flower Remedy


The all-in-one first aid flower essence remedy for adults, children and animals. It quickly eases physical, emotional and spiritual shock to restore calm and balance. This essence blend works fast to ease the shock after an accident or trauma. It is helpful when an old trauma becomes reactivated, from a similar experience or during a healing process. SOS also calms over stimulation and stress of daily life.

For more information about the Shock or Stress Flower Remedy, the flower and tree essences in it, and the amber, aquamarine, black onyx, drusy quartz, and Inca jade crystals that energetically grounded it, click on the picture.

Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear

Calm Centered Clear supports you at the day-to-day level and while experiencing spiritual growth. It is a blend of flower essences that the work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease.  It settles your overactive mind chatter.

This essence blend helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, to remain calm, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confident and at ease with yourself during this process. Calm Centered Clear helps to calm emotional outburst related to sensory or emotional overload and is helpful for ADD, ADHD and sensory integration. It is great for students, teachers and spiritual seekers.

For more information about the Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend and the black obsidian, purple charolite, drusy quartz, lapis, red jasper and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions that energetically grounded this essence blend, click on the picture.

Stress Relief Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister

Stress Relief

Use Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mister when life is full of doing and feels stressful, this mister helps you stay lighthearted, grounded and centered during life’s demands and the responsibilities of your day. It reminds you to slow down, stay energetically aligned with your inner wisdom and create time to nourish, center and comfort yourself. Stress Relief Aromatherapy Mister is a wonderfully balanced scent of lavender, rose geranium and vetiver essential oils.

*Great at work, school and when shuttling children between activities.
*Use after work, school or errands to slow down and relax.

For more information about the Stress Relief Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister and the drusy quartz, green calcite, ocean jasper and red jasper crystals that energetically charged this essence and aroma blend, click on the picture.

Devils Club Flower Essence

Devils Club

Devil’s Club lifts the weight of the world off of your shoulders and comforts your weary soul. It helps you to separate from the thorns of life and nurture yourself while reconnecting to your spiritual roots. Devil’s Club is a power plant and healer used by Native Americans and herbalists.

Helpful when you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling cut off from your spiritual roots, and possibly leading to grief, dissociation, addictive tendencies, abusive behavior or lack of inspiration. Physical symptoms may include respiratory problems, blood sugar imbalances like diabetes or inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

As Devil’s Club Flower Essence says of itself:
I AM solace to those who are spiritually wounded and world-weary.

For more information about Devil’s Club Flower Essence, the imprints of rattle, eagle feather and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the amber, bloodstone, carnelian, chrysocolla, fire agate, icosahedron quartz, red jasper, smokey quartz and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the picture.

Pennyroyal Flower Essence


Use Pennyroyal Flower Essence to address nervous system activation typically brought on by trauma, abuse, or shock. This can create symptoms like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, hypertension, high blood pressure, aggression, depleted adrenal glands, and difficulty eating and sleeping. When you believe that life is a continual effort to survive, use this essence. Pennyroyal essence is also helpful when your nervous system overloads from rapid spiritual growth.

As Pennyroyal Essence Says of Itself:
I AM centered strength to fully engage life with peaceful calm and ease.

For more information about Pennyroyal Flower Essence, sounds of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the amber, amethyst, blue aragonite, charoite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Inca jade (green nephrite), Larimar, lepidolite and smokey quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the picture.

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

Golden Celebration Rose

Wakes up both your awareness of your personal integrity shield and your connection to the sweet song of the Universe. This allows you to sense the golden column of light through the center of your body, which creates protection from the inside out. From this deeply relaxed and safe place you can let down your armor and engage life with enthusiasm. Throw open the window of your heart and breathe in the deep joy and peace of the Universe!

As Golden Celebration Rose Essence Says of Itself:
I AM the open hearted celebration of peace, joy and harmony in the midst of Life.

For more information about Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence, sounds of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the amber, azeztulite, drusy quartz, gold, golden Lemurian seed crystal, golden topaz, icosahedron quartz, Inca jade, Peruvian pink opal, white and red stilbite and yellow calcite crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the picture.https://www.treefrogfarm.com/store/flower-essences-tree-essences/golden-celebration-rose-flower-essence.html

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