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Giving Thanks


In honor of the Giving Season, we are offering discounted shipping on ALL orders placed between now and November 30th as a way of saying THANK YOU!! to all of our amazing customers. To make the savings as convenient as possible, this discount is automatically applied at checkout. Select the shipping method you prefer, the value has already been calculated in the cost.

Get FREE shipping if you spend $75 or more + for a short time get a code to save $5 on your next order.

To start this month off, we are offering our bath salt trio on special, along with our seasonal scent – Yuletide Blessings Aromatherapy & Essence Mister to help invoke the Holiday Spirit of peace, love, and giving.

As another token of our gratitude and for another year of helping humanity through the vibrational healing power of flower essences, we will be offering additional products on special all month. Be sure to check your email if you subscribe to our newsletters or the Monthly Specials link to get what you need for yourself or your holiday gift-giving!

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Aromatherapy + Essences Bath Salts

Our therapeutic quality bath salts start with a base of Epsom salts, sea salts and organic powered milk to relax your muscles, clear your cells and soothe your skin. Then we add flower essences and real essential oils. Each bag weighs 1 pound and will make 4 to 6 baths.

GENTLE HEARTS: Drift into the space of open-hearted ease, and give a gentle lift to your mood. Nootka Rose Flower Essence opens your heart to receive Divine Love by aligning your heart chakra with the World and Universal Heart, while rose geranium essential oil exudes a light aroma of roses and gives a gentle lift to the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

SWEET DREAMS: Soak away your cares and worries, and then sweetly relax into a restful nights sleep. Made with the highest quality lavender essential oil (distilled right here on Lummi Island!) and Lavender flower essence to help you step away from your thoughts and relax. This allows entry into the empty space of full insight. Lavender Essential Oil brings inner calm, peace of mind, and freedom from emotional and mental stress. Strengthens the perimeters of your personal boundaries. Antiseptic & antibacterial.

BREATHE DEEPLY: Lift your spirit and restore vitality! Bask in the clean scent of eucalyptus with the essences of Devil’s Club for comfort and inspiration, and Coltsfoot for joyfully engaging in new adventures with physical stamina and vitality. Eucalyptus essential oil supports the immune system and treats upper respiratory issues such as colds and congestion due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Stress Relief Aromatherapy & Essence Blend

When life is full of doing and feels stressful, this mister helps you stay lighthearted, grounded and centered during the many activities and responsibilities of your day. It reminds you to slow down, stay energetically aligned with your inner wisdom. Create time to nourish, center and comfort yourself. Great at school, work and when shuttling children between activities. Use after school, work or errands to slow down and relax. Use before bed for restful sleep. Takes the edge off during emotionally charged situations. Brings you back to your heart and your inner knowing.

For more information about the Stress Relief Aromatherapy & Essence Mister, the essences in it, and the drusy quartz, green calcite, ocean jasper and red jasper crystals that energetically charged it, click on the link.


Yuletide Blessings Aromatherapy & Essence Mister

Treat yourself to this scent of the Holiday Season. Imagine being at a gathering of family and friends with the scents of holiday baking and evergreen boughs filling the air. Feel the sweetness! Now, imagine being at a Solstice, Hanukkah, or Christmas ceremony, a sacred time. Feelings of peace, love, compassion, and the presence of angels fill your awareness. All of this in one bottle, Yuletide Blessings!!

Made with high-quality essential oils of Allspice, Juniper, Western Red Cedar Tree, Orange, Frankincense, and Vetiver.

This Aromatherapy/Flower Essence Mister is only available during the Holiday Season. Smells amazing. Makes a wonderful gift! Purchase while supplies last.

For more information about Yuletide Blessings, the flower essences and crystals that energetically charged it, click the link below.


No Worry Be Happy Life Process Essence Blend

The blend of flower and tree essences in No Worry Be Happy supports flowing easily through your day focused on lighthearted playful joy and gratitude instead of troubles and worries. Anxiousness and worry occur when the energies of thinking and feeling get mixed together between the cognitive brain and emotional heart functions, when there are misalignments within the mental and emotional energy fields, and when you lose touch with your higher wisdom.

The No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend brings you back to your multidimensional heart while calming your mind and reconnecting you to your inner knowing. When you feel unhappy, anxious or overwhelmed by the demands of your life, it lifts your spirits, soothes your mind and settles your body. It encourages emotional balance and feeling at ease with yourself and your experiences.

For more information about the No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend and the blue phantom quartz, charoite, chrysocolla, drusy quartz, and white and red stilbite crystals that energetically charged it – click on the link below.


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