October 2005: Inspire Yourself! – Rosemary

RosemaryAfter a busy summer and early fall, I find myself wanting to hibernate, to withdraw from the world and recharge. It is a natural instinct this time of year, although not entirely possible. Life goes on with adventures for the new school year and end of work year. Our wonderful very old rosemary plant is blooming again, putting forth her beauty in October. What an inspiration!

Inspire Yourself! – Rosemary

Rosemary is a wonderful friend, especially in Autumn. This Mediterranean native is well known as a cooking herb. It is also a warming herb that improves blood circulation, thus improving digestion, memory, low blood pressure and reducing headaches and fainting. Rosemary stimulates the adrenal glands and aids recovery from long-term stress, illness and depression.

As an individual flower essence, rosemary connects you to Life Force, which enables you to engage more fully in your life. So when you feel energetically drained, depressed, or disinterested in life, Rosemary flower essence helps you maintain the level of energy that allows your daily life to be full and interesting.

On the flower essence level, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) says this about itself:

Inspire yourself! Raise the energy of your desire for life through connecting to the Universal Life Force.

I AM the force welling up in you that manifests the Universe’s desire for Life.

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Rosemary is one of the flower essences in the Clear the Air Set of 3 Flower Essences with Mister, which addresses issues of grief, communication and the respiratory system. Autumn is associated with the emotions of grief and loss in some cultures since the harvest is in, plants are dying back, and the days are becoming darker and colder. It is also a common time for colds. I had a cold last week and carried the Clear the Air Mister in my pocket for easy access. It opened and soothed my respiratory system.

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