October 2006: Betwixt and Between: San Juan Mugwort

As the days grow shorter veils between the worlds are thinning. Impressions and information from the “other side” are more accessible. For many of us who interface with alternate reality on a regular basis, this is a great gift. I’ve been receiving “downloads” of information about some of the new essences which is prompting me to write pages on these essences for our website. Information is pouring into my consciousness about ways to combine essences for specific situations. Insights into essences and other processes that will assist my clients’ processes are readily available.  Also, it is a time of year when many of us feel drawn to taking deep contemplative time, journeying into alternate space, or meeting in groups to go deeper with our spiritual processes.  San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence is a ready ally to assist with these now, and all year, as we integrate spiritual experiences and information received in expanded states of consciousness into our daily reality.

Betwixt and Between: San Juan Mugwort

San Juan Mugwort (Artemisia suksdorfii), also known as coastal sage,is a perennial sage found on sunny bluffs and sandy beaches of the North American pacific coast. It also grows in home landscapes in dry to moist well-drained soil, and full sun. The very fragrant leaves are green above and silver-white below.  The flower heads are cream to yellow on four foot long clustered stems and are a food source for butterflies.

Varieties of Artemisia, named after the Greek goddess Artemis, are native from Europe to China to North America. Throughout the northern hemisphere Aretmisias, such as southernwood, mugwort, and sagebrush are known as protective and ceremonial herbs.  In our local area San Juan mugwort can be used to smudge or energetically cleanse a person or place. Different Artemisia species throughout the world have been used to aid with shaman’s journeying into alternate realities.

So enjoy the upcoming Halloween season when we celebrate life beyond the veil, and avail yourself of this time to seek guidance from the Spirit World to guide your daily life. And, if you feel so moved, accept the assistance of San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence that says of itself:

I AM the gateway to grounded understanding of the interface between spiritual experience and daily life.

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