September 2008: Calm Centered Clear

We are excited to be introducing a new flower remedy blend from Tree Frog Farm, Calm Centered Clear. It is effective on the job, at school, while traveling, or any time you want to be more calm, centered and clear. Please see below for more information. Saskatoon is one of the signature flower essences in this blend. And it is the essence of the month for September.



Saskatoon, also called serviceberry, is a thornless shrub in the rose family that has white blossoms in the spring and bears blueberry-like fruit in mid summer. It is found in a variety of conditions in full sun or in moist, deep fertile soils and partial shade of coniferous forest at low to mid elevations from Saskatchewan, Canada to Southern California. Deer and elk browse the leaves and young shoots, and birds love the berries. Many indigenous peoples ate Saskatoon berries, made medicine from roots, stems and berries to treat a wide range of minor complaints. Branches were made into arrows, digging sticks and drying baskets. Today, berry lovers harvest the fruit in the wild or from their gardens.

Saskatoon flower essence works through the energy circuits that facilitate communication between all parts of the brain to support whole brain integration and functioning with ease. It can be used solo or in combination with other essences for attention deficit and sensory integration. It is helpful when one part of the brain is more dominant than others, like when a child has difficulty comprehending letters and words or an adult has learned to use logic and rote memory over creative thinking. It also helps to integrate the new brain pathways that develop while learning new information and tasks or synthesizing fragments of existing information.

From my observations and direct experience using Saskatoon flower essence with clients over the last four years, it seems that many of the challenges with brain functioning are due to the evolutionary process that we humans are undergoing. The parts of our human brain have been developing for hundreds of thousands of years. Now we are learning to communicate between and create harmony among all of the lobes/parts and functions of our brain. For most of us, some neural pathways are still in progress. Saskatoon flower essence works electromagnetically to connect “breaks” in the “circuits” during this developmental stage as we learn to live in a whole brain way.

As Saskatoon Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease in the evolutionary process of becoming a whole-brain human.

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Calm Centered Clear

Calm Centered Clear BlendThis blend has been in process for over a year, so I am very pleased to introduce it now as student and teachers are returning to school. Calm Centered Clear is a blend of eighteen flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. It helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, and to remain calm, embodied, appropriately boundaried, confidant and at ease with yourself during this process. This blend has been “field tested” and found helpful by students, body/energy workers, business people and teachers of special needs children. Carry this handy spray and mist it around your head, spray directly into your mouth or into a glass of drinking water any time you want to feel more calm, centered and clear.

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