What is Red Shiso Base from Tree Frog Farm?

Red Shiso

At Tree Frog Farm, we offer two base options for our Flower Essences. Our red shiso/vinegar base is an alcohol free essence base alternative we specialize in. It is grown and made here from the ground up! We grow the shiso using organic processes and work closely with Nature Beings for a vibrant crop. Our shiso base is made in small, numbered batches using hand-selected, high-quality dried leaves from the shiso plants. We pour the shiso tea through a system of 6 filters to ensure that it contains no plant matter then add organic, distilled, gluten-free, white vinegar. The vinegar helps to further stabilize it and adds to the overall shelf life after purchase. The finished red shiso base is 80% shiso tea and 20% vinegar.

Stu planting Shiso

In Japanese, shiso means ‘purple leaf’.  Red shiso is a robust member of the mint family and grows into lush 2 -3 feet high plants of a deep magenta color. Besides contributing to the flavor and distinctive red color, red shiso also contains “perilla aldehyde,” which gives it anti-microbial properties. This is why it is traditionally added to the ginger that is served with sushi and is used to make umeboshi plum in macrobiotic cooking. 

We also offer our essences in a brandy base for those who prefer it. Many years ago, customers would ask us if we offered a non-alcoholic alternative, so we researched, and found information about a red shiso alternative base, the one which we use today.

Tree Frog Farm’s Flower and Tree Essences work equally well in either the brandy or shiso base. You decide which works best for you from your preference!

For more information about Tree Frog Farm and how we make our Flower and Tree Essences, go to: About Tree Frog Farm Flower and Tree Essences or to our Q&A page.