December 2023: Unified Spirit and Clearing Sacred Space

Unified Spirit and Sacred Space


Happy Holidays!

This month we are featuring our Chakra Blends on Special, with our newly unveiled Unified Spirit & Wholeness 15 Chakra Blend with its new label. I love the way this bend makes me feel. It clears out any negative impressions and leaves my spirit feeling light and joyful. Perfect for this time of year with gatherings, thoughtful gift-giving, and sacred space. I hope that the improved label helps to set this blend alight this season. Because of this sacred time of year, it is important to clear your space for gatherings or ceremonies. We are featuring Sacred Energies Essence Blend this month on special along with our Angels of Light Mister, the two blends Diana recommended each year for clearing and creating sacred holiday space. In the past, we have offered up some pointers on how to do this. Here is a LINK to an archived newsletter outlining the how-to’s for creating sacred space.

All our Box Sets are on special now through December 15th, including the Organ Energy set of 12, the Chakra blends set of 8, and 2 other box sets. These are wonderful gifts for yourself or loved ones. We have a new box set that will be released this Friday in our flash sale newsletter just in time for the new year. Check back to learn more about this new box set of 6 essences. The individual essences featured in December are Michaelmas Daisy, Coral Sunset Tree Peony, and White Yarrow flower essences.

You still have time to get in gift orders that will arrive in time, but get your orders in no later than December 16th and choose Priority Mail to ensure that they arrive on time. You can use Ground Advantage within the US from now until December 12th to receive them in time for the holidays. Yuletide Blessings Aromatherapy Misters are still available to purchase if you haven’t ordered one yet too!

May Your Days Be Merry & Bright – Rhaychell


Sacred Energies Essence Blend

Come into your sacred self! Feel the sacredness in your surroundings! The flower and tree essences of Sacred Energies set a high frequency resonance that connects you with your multidimensional self that is accessed through the higher consciousness in your energy fields, chakras, higher brain and higher heart functions. To facilitate spiritually aligned healing and healthy living, take it orally by spray or dropper, or spray into your energy fields. To invite sacred energies for ceremony, celebrations and meditation, spray it into a room or outdoor area and feel the instant shift to higher heart-centered consciousness. Perfect for gatherings this Holiday Season!

For more information about Sacred Energie and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, cavansite, moldavite, rose quartz, ruby and Jeffrey quartz that energetically charged it click on the link below


Angels of Light Aromatherapy & Essence Blend

Create sacred space for ceremonies and gatherings.

Wrapped in Angel wings, release worry and fear. Feel lighthearted, grounded, and protected. Strengthen your boundaries.

Aides to allow you to relax into a restful sleep. Clears away the worries or cares of the day to deeply relax your mind and body.

Great for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and energy healers! Emotionally and energetically clear your room between clients. 

Flower Essences:

Michaelmas Daisy – Calling all Angels! Feel angel wings wrapped around you, reassuring you that you are protected and loved.

White Yarrow – Creates White Light personal boundary protection.

Comfrey – Aids in the healing of wounds so deep and traumatic that they affect your soul’s journey. Encourages feeling safe in your body with a courageous heart.

Lady’s Mantle – Brings deep spiritual peace to your whole body and being.

Essential Oils:

Lavender brings inner calm, peace of mind, and freedom from emotional and mental stress. Strengthens your boundaries. 

Thyme helps reclaim a childlike sense of fun and brings courage and protection.

Bitter Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind, body, and spirit. 

For more information about Angels of Light and the amethyst, angel wing, Lemurian Seeddrusy quartz, and crystals that energetically charged this blend, click the link below.


Unified Spirit & Wholeness 15 Chakra Essence Blend

Use Unified Spirit and Wholeness Essence Blend when you want to experience grounded spiritual illumination. It is helpful when you want to feel brighter and fully engaged with yourself want internal peace and live with higher awareness. It inspires expansive, heart-centered, practical action as you walk in your soul’s purpose and helps you feel integrated as a whole human being. 


All Chakra Blends on Special


Chakra Essence Blend Box Set

Get the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Unified Spirit & Wholeness 15 Chakra Flower Essence Blends in a convenient box set.

Suggested use and care information are on the inside of the box.


Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blends Set of 12

The Organ Energy Meridian Blends are available in a convenient set that contains twelve ½ ounce bottles in two storage boxes. There are options for suggested use and care information on the inside of each box top.


Higher Heart of Unity Consciousness Box Set of 8


The essences in this set support you on all levels during this process. They help you stay calm, peaceful, heart-centered, and compassionate with yourself and others while letting go of old habits of fear. They assist your nervous system and brain to adjust to the new frequencies and remind you that we are designed to be multidimensional humans. Instils courage, fortitude, and clear vision when so many people are projecting fear about the evolutionary leap we are experiencing. In short, they are spiritual friends and allies during this highly transformative time on Earth.

Flow into Heart-Centered Unity Consciousness by attuning your higher heart to the time wave of the Galactic Center. May all people remember that we are kin, that we are ONE with Everything!


Manifest Your Potential Box Set


The 6 essences in this box set can be your best allies on your path toward living as your true self and envisioning and manifesting your life the way you want to be living it! By adjusting your thoughts, attitudes, and energy to be in tune with the path you most desire, and living with heart, you can more easily let go of fears and worry to break free from the cycle of doubt and self-defeating behaviors. You are a divine being with your unique qualities, live your potential!


Machaelmas Daisy Flower Essence

Use Michaelmas Daisy Flower Essence when you feel cut off from your Guardian Angels and your higher consciousness seeking reassurance that you are safe and loved. Helpful when you are having difficulty talking compassionately to yourself or others.

Michaelmas Daisy Flower Essence aligns your heart, mind, and consciousness to support clearer communication with your Higher Self and your angels by offering reassurance that you are divinely protected, like angel wings wrapped around you. Michaelmas Daisy Essence instills a sense of peaceful calm and helps you feel protected and loved. It carries a comforting tone that encourages you to speak more compassionately to yourself and others.


White Yarrow Flower Essence

Use White Yarrow Flower Essence when you want to resonate with the higher White Light frequencies and think and respond from that higher perspective. When you feel weak around the edges and sense you need boundary and energetic protection.  Also helpful when you experience discomfort during the process of integrating higher dimensional energies due to dissonance from misaligned frequencies.


Flower and Tree Essences

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