Flash Sale: Trauma & Triggers

Trauma & Triggers

Many people who live with past trauma can become easily triggered in certain situations. Often, excessive over thinkers, people pleasers, and/or fiercely independent people have had traumatic experiences, many times beginning early in life. It is important to recognize this in ourselves or for those we love who may suffer from it, so we can understand what can be a trigger and what to do when it happens.

Past traumas can often resurface when we are triggered by something, leaving us in a loop of fight/flight/freeze. This increases the cortisol levels in our bodies as we are left in a kind of hyper vigilant state of self preservation, which can feel just as painful as the original wound. But there is a silver lining if we are able to recognize these patterns, and retrain our emotional brain to begin to respond in a more peaceful capacity.

The flower essences in this weekends Flash Sale will be your aide and guide as you navigate through the experiences that you feel triggered by, then help reconnect from a more heart centered, self-loving space where you can relax and feel safe.

Compassionately, Rhaychell

Meadow Rue Essence

Meadow Rue Flower Essence – Helps reorient your life stories from a place of higher consciousness, creating more peace and ease in your life.

Nasturtium Essence

Nasturtium Flower Essence – Come into yourself. Filters excessive energy out of your head connecting with your heart and body to engender physical life force, a sense of well-being, and personal peace.

Moon Shadow Rose Essence

Moon Shadow Rose Flower Essence – Instead of chasing shadows of your past be open to the lessons that can be gleaned, then move forward toward discovering your Authentic Self. Encourages you to trust in the safety and sweetness of life.

Electrical Systems Integration Essence Blend

Electrical Systems Integration – Helps bring the body into balance when feeling out of sorts or feel energetically overloaded.

Black Gooseberry Essence

Black Gooseberry Flower Essence – Assists grounding Guidance downloaded from higher dimensions through your inner knowing and wisdom into daily life. Ease with sudden rapid changes and new opportunities.

Valerian Essence

Valerian Flower Essence – Transforms buried negative emotions, especially anger, and the resulting emotional, mental, and hormonal wildfires into beneficial fire. Assist you to burn away the weeds of illusions and produce fertile ground for future growth.

Boneset Essence

Boneset Flower Essence – Reweaves broken energy circuits between emotional heart wounds and your immune system. This strengthens your chronically depleted immune system, which gives you the ability to deeply relax into life.

Flower and Tree Essences

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