April 2024 – Earth Wisdom Beauty Way

April 2024 Earth Wisdom Beauty Way


Our Beauty Way and Earth Wisdom Flower Essence Blends are designed to promote balance and tranquility, allowing individuals to connect more deeply with the natural world. By slowing down, embracing peace, and immersing ourselves in nature, we can tap into the healing power of the Earth. No Worry Be Happy Life Process Blend is designed to support overcoming worry and fear, allowing you to embrace and find peace in any situation. EnLighten Aromatherapy & Essence Blend can help access inner wisdom and promote self-expression that is authentic and positive.

You will find these essence blends on Special through April! In addition, this month’s Individual Flower Essences specials feature Trillium, Saskatoon, and Blue Cohosh Essences. These flower essences are meant to provide support and guidance on your journey this month, offering valuable insights and assistance to benefit from. Take the time to explore these essences and see how they can enhance your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Rhaychell & Stu – Tree Frog Farm


Earth Wisdom Life Process Flower Essence Blend

Love our Mother Earth! The Earth Wisdom Essence Blend invites you to attune your heart to the heart of the Mother Earth. Relax into her arms and revel in the joy of Being. Let the Mother’s grounded wisdom guide you to live in peace and sacred harmony with other people and all creatures. Let the Mother’s Love inspire you to live and work with the well-being and sacredness of our planet in your heart.

For more information about the Earth Wisdom Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it, click on the link below.


Beauty Way Life Process Flower Essence Blend

The Navajo chant “I walk with Beauty before me, behind me, above me, all around me” inspired the Beauty Way Essence Blend. Many indigenous peoples make a spiritual practice of walking through daily life honoring and connecting to the spirit and the life force in everything around them. This is a vital practice for each of us, since we are all indigenous to the Earth!

Beauty Way Blend helps you to slow down, feel yourself, see the beauty in your surroundings, and remember that the energy with which you do a task is even more important than the task. It cultivates remembering that your higher wisdom is more easily accessed when you are quiet inside. It is about being internal, reflective, receptive, and heartful compared to being external, results oriented, protective and powerful. And yet there is strength in the Beauty Way path. It is the strength that rises up from the Mother Earth herself. Beauty Way is a gentle yet strong ally encouraging you to integrate these more compassionate qualities and strengths into your daily actions.

For more information about the Beauty Way Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it, click on the link below.


No Worry Be Happy Life Process Essence Blend

The flower and tree essences in our No Worry Be Happy blend help support easily staying focused on lighthearted, playful joy, and gratitude. Helps bring you back to your multidimensional heart, calming your mind and reconnecting you to your inner knowing. 

Encourages emotional balance and feeling at ease with yourself and your experiences instead of troubles and worries. When there are misalignment’s within the mental and emotional energy fields, you lose touch with your higher wisdom.

For more information about our No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend, and the crystals used to energetically charged it, click on the link below.


Enlightened Aromatherapy and Essence Mister

The essences, essential oils, and crystals used in this blend combine to create the most sacred aromatherapy blend we offer here at Tree Frog Farm!

Enlighten yourself and enlighten your life! Bathe yourself with Spiritual Light. Openheartedly fill your body and mind with this Light.

Step out of the mental chatter of your day- to-day mind. Step in to the quiet of your higher mind. Settle into peaceful meditation.

Let Divine Love Blossom in your life! Attune your heart higher heart chakra with the World and Universal Hearts.

Remember you are a spiritual being. You have access to your Higher Wisdom in every moment.

Bask in peace and joy that radiates from your Being. Be at peace within yourself.

Use any time you want to clear your mind for meditation, open your heart, or bask in the peaceful joy of your own Being.

For more information about the EnLighten Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister, click on the link below.


Trillium Flower Essence

Trillium Flower Essence reorganizes your personal energy grid so points/areas of your body that are disconnected from the Universal Matrix can be reconnected. Trillium helps increase your experience in being connected to, and receiving, energetic communication through the Grid of the Universal All-That-Is. Trillium is also compatible with the current human energy grid and torus of energy around the body. It is time-coded to automatically upgrade with future shifts.

As Trillium Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM One with the Divine Matrix of Life.

For more information about Trillium Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the link below.


Saskatoon Flower Essence

Saskatoon, sometimes referred to as Serviceberry, is a thornless shrub in the rose family. It is found in a variety of conditions from dry, rocky slopes in full sun or in moist, deep fertile soils and partial shade of coniferous forest at low to mid elevations from North Dakota and Saskatchewan Canada to Southern California. Deer and elk browse the leaves and young shoots and birds love the berries. Many indigenous peoples ate Saskatoon berries, made medicine from roots, stems and berries to treat a wide range of minor complaints, and made arrows, digging sticks and drying baskets from the wood. Today the fruit is still valued, and commercial and garden varieties have been developed. Saskatoon has bright white blooms in spring and its blueberries ripen in mid-summer. Saskatoon berries are rich in copper and iron. Modern brain metabolism research indicates that copper and iron are essential for a healthy brain.

Saskatoon helps to connect missing links in energy pathways that inform the neural pathways while our brains are evolving and we learn to live in a whole brain way. This affects your ability to orient in space and your mental, emotional and metabolic processes. It also helps to integrate the new brain pathways that develop while learning new information and tasks or synthesizing fragments of existing information. Saskatoon Flower Essence also enhances communication between the brain and heart, which facilitates being more present, emotionally balanced and peacefully grounded in your body.

As Saskatoon Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease in the evolutionary process of becoming a whole-brain human

For more information about Saskatoon Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence, click on the link below.


Blue Cohosh Flower Essence

Blue Cohosh prefers the moist woodland of the Allegheny and Upper Appalachian Mountains of New England, and extends through hardwood forests from New Brunswick to South Carolina and east to the Mississippi River. It is a long-lived perennial with greenish-purple stalk and 3-lobed leaves that turn blue-green with age. Small brownish-maroon colored flowers bloom early in spring then produce blueberries. Blue cohosh is a woman’s herb best used under the supervision of an experienced herbalist. It is used to balance menstruation and in childbirth to reduce pain, speed contraction and dilation, expel the placenta and support rapid recovery. Blue cohosh is listed as “At Risk” by United Plant Savers due to overharvesting and loss of habitat. We grow Blue Cohosh and other endangered herbs at Tree Frog Farm to help preserve them.

Blue Cohosh Essence brings your mind and attention into the Present. This allows you to observe thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise without reacting and attaching to them, and to let them gently drift through like clouds. This brings you to the quiet place of mind and opens your awareness to connect with higher spiritual energies. Blue Cohosh Essence is a welcome ally during meditation.

As Blue Cohosh flower essence says of itself:

I AM present in the Now with a quiet mind

For more information about Blue Cohosh Flower Essence click on the link below.


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