Flash Sale – Connection to Your Spiritual Gifts

Connection to Your Spiritual Gifts

When we take time to connect with our inner self we become more intune with our natural abilities and spiritual gifts. Honing in on where we have connections to the ‘unseen’, or how we are able to better receive information from Source, we can strengthen these connections within ourselves.

When you seek to have a stronger connection with your spirit guides for example, or receive channeled information you aren’t sure how to apply or use, the essences in this weekend’s flash sale will help! They are your allies as you navigate through your journey of deeper knowing, offering more spiritual, mental, and emotional ease and clarity. All these essences will be on sale now through Monday.

San Juan Mugwort essence

San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence is helpful when you receive spiritual inspiration, visions, or channeled information but are not clear how it relates to you. Deepens your ability to clearly understand and interpret symbols, images, and information that you receive and increases your insight into how to ground these into your life.

Saskatoon Essence

Saskatoon Flower Essence assists the whole brain functioning at the new higher frequencies by supporting the wiring of new brain pathways. Stabilizes the ability to think clearly, orient in space, unsettled emotions, and body metabolism.

Lungwort Essence

Lungwort Flower Essence is useful for finding balance in your life or lacking in harmony between opposite aspects of yourself. You could be unwilling to recognize or accept the influence of “unseen” energies and higher dimensional influences in your daily life.

Lee's Purple Rhodadondron Essence

Rhododendron (Lee’s Purple) Flower Essence is a facilitator in opening your Third Eye Chakra and improves clairvoyance.

Lady's Mantle Essence

Use Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence when you have difficulty calming your nervous system primarily from shock to the emotional heart. It is a welcome balm if you have difficulty loving yourself and are unable to care about other people when you are hurting.

Lily of the Valley Essence

Use Lily of the Valley Flower Essence when you have difficulty accessing multi-dimensional information, or feel disconnected from your spiritual potential and powerless to access it.

Flower and Tree Essences

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