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Symbols of Transformation


Humans are resilient. We have this amazing ability to transform ourselves into stronger and brighter beings in the wake of devastation. We all experience a form of rebirth when faced with such hardship. This transformation is necessary for without it we remain unchanged; unable to transform into a higher state of consciousness, stunted in our growth. We need this in order to find new ways of living that support who we are and who we are becoming. Keeping our hearts open and being resilient to the events we live through, being supportive and understanding of those who need it the most, and rising up when we feel like giving in. There is a new wave of spiritual awakening rising up, and it is those who have been through this stage in the evolutionary and spiritually expanded process who can be the most vital to those who are awakening.

Carl Jung associated the symbolism of the phoenix rising from ashes to that of humanity. As more fires continue, hurricane weather and flooding are leaving those most affected by the destruction in a state of peril. The devastation and loss to varying degrees can affect us all. Our hearts are there, but often we are left crippled in fear of what is next, or what we can do to make the world a better place. This is where we rise up. We rise up and become stronger and brighter than we were before.

In Solidarity, Rhaychell


California Poppy Flower Essence helps to relieve the sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, or depression that may accompany physical or emotional birth trauma. It encourages your soul to feel at home in your body and to resonate with the sweet song of belonging on Earth. It carries a tender healing for those during a birthing process and helps to heal intergenerational wounds of the heart during this process.

When birthing a new life for yourself, California Poppy essence rebalances the tendency to feel powerless, uncentered, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, or unable to move forward with the actions necessary for survival. Reminds us to reengage in the process and in our daily life.


Mandarin Lights Azalea Flower Essence works through the sacral chakra and the Hara to address visceral fear, the kind of fear that hits you in the gut. It supports you during the uncertainty of rapid changes and resources you to access your will to survive during adversity. Mandarin Lights Azalea essence grounds you in your body with a feeling of overall strength and the capacity to gracefully handle whatever comes your way. Aikido for life!


Devil’s Club Essence provides support and comfort when life’s experiences have drained your inspiration and joy. Transforms thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.


Arnica Essence relieves physical or emotional shock locked in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies. Encourages a balanced response and harmonized ability to integrate wisdom and energetic realignment from shocking experiences. Arnica essence is useful when you want to unravel shock held in your body, possibly from a recent event like an accident, surgery, abuse, emotional distress, or previous trauma. 


Wild Gooseberry Flower Essence helps you stay open and engaged while facing fear. This could be a current situation or an old fear locked within your body/being. Intense feelings can propel you forward; however, it’s common instead to contract around the intensity of fear. Wild Gooseberry Essence helps you stay open to what feels intense and experience that new growth and new life can arise from the compost of fear. It instills confidence to participate in new opportunities.


Pennyroyal Flower Essence cycles through the fight/flight/freeze response of the sympathetic nervous system and calms the adrenaline response so you can return to the restful state brought forth by the parasympathetic nervous system. By clearing flight/flight/freeze imprints in the physical etheric and emotional energy fields, Pennyroyal essence encourages a balanced sympathetic/parasympathetic response and a sense of safety and strength to be at home in your physical body.


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