Flash Summer Solstice Sale!

Summer Solstice Sale! 🌞

Solstice is a time for Celebration! Gathering with friends and family and ushering in the beginning of SUMMER! Some folks have traditions of food and indulgences to celebrate or rituals that help to honor and bring in the longest day of the year. We made a solstice mandala and shared a ‘feast’ of goodies for our nature friends today at Tree Frog Farm.

Today a crowd of 8,000 people gathered to watch the sun come up at the precise location it once did when it was first erected at Stonehenge. Here is an article from USA Today with some great photos. Stonehenge 6/21/23.

We wanted to share in the Solstice Celebration by offering our top selling flower essences on special for 24 hours only! Just enough time to stock up on your favorite essences (or see why these are our most popular essences and try something new!) Click the links below to learn more about each flower essences or to purchase.

Happy Summer Solstice from Tree Frog Farm!

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