Find a Flower Essence by Symptom

AbandonedCherry Festival Tree Peony
AbandonmentLung Organ Energy Meridian Blend.
ADHDCalm Centered Clear Essence Blend
Addictions--Clear ChoicesStinging Nettle Flower Essence
Body Changes--AgingBlack Cohosh Flower Essence
Body Changes--PregnancyTransform Ease Essence Blend
Anger--Birth TraumaCalifornia Poppy Flower Essence
Anger--Deep/OldBurdock Flower Essence
Anger--Towards OthersDandelion Flower Essence
Anger--Turned InwardLiver Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Anger--Turned OutwardGallbladder Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Armored Against WorldGolden Armor Aromatherapy Mister
Armored BoundariesGolden Celebration Rose Flower Essence
Attention DeficitSaskatoon Flower Essence
AutoimmuneBoneset Flower Essence
Bitterness--IrritableBlue Vervain Flower Essence
Blocked--ManifestingBlackcap Raspberry Flower Essence
Blocked--Creative processHawthorn Tree Essence
Blocked--Can't Create What WantCamas Lily Flower Essence
Chaotic EmotionsWild Ginger Flower Essence
Co-dependent--Be yourselfOregon Grape Flower Essence
Co-dependent--Trust selfStomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Co-dependent--VictimPacific Bleeding Heart Flower Essence
Competition--Prove YourselfSacral Chakra Essence Blend
Conflicts & GrudgesIndian Pipe Flower Essence
Constipation--RigidLarge Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Core InstabilityDuRen Energy Meridian Blend
Depression 1Red Elderberry Flower Essence
Depression 2Rosa Rugosa Flower Essence
Disempowered FeminineFireweed Flower Essence
Disheartened--Worn OutHuckleberry Flower Essence
DyslexiaOutrageous Rose Flower Essence
EMF ExposureElectromagnetic Field Vitality
Energy Circuit OverloadElectrical Systems Integration
Energy Fields--Intrusions 1Sweet Valentine Flower Essence
Energy Fields--Intrusions 2Western Hemlock Tree Essence
Fear--ContractingWild Gooseberry Flower Essence
Fear--Earth-Based CyclesRed Shiso Flower Essence
Fear--Natural DisastersSpiritual Spine Essence Blend
Fear--Negative ImaginationSalmonberry Flower Essence
Fear--Sensory ResponseLupine Flower Essence
Fear--TransformingRed Flowering Currant Flower Essence
Fear--VisceralTwinberry Flower Essence
Feeling ExposedAlumroot Flower Essence
Forget Beauty-JoySala Flower Essence
Forget Heart/CompassionBeauty Way Essence Blend
Generational IllnessesBloodroot Flower Essence
Gifts--Unsure ofWhite Fawn Lily Flower Essence
Grief--BitternessBorage Flower Essence
Grief--Clear CommunicationClear the Air Aromatherapy Mister
Grief--Difficulty Breathing in LifeLung Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Grief--EmbodiedLarge Intestine OEM Blend
Grief--Heart ComfortGentle Heart Aromatherapy Mister
Headaches--Behind eyesLiver Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Headaches--Center of ForeheadThird Eye Chakra Blend
Headaches--Center Top HeadBladder Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Headaches--Sides of HeadGallbladder Organ Energy meridian Blend
Headaches--TemplesTriple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Headaches--StressStress Relief Aromatherapy Mister
Heart--Closed-protectedNootka Rose Flower Essence
Heart--Guarded 1Spirea Flower Essence
Heart--Guarded 2Heart Chakra Blend
Heart--Scab Over/UnhealedCherry Festival Tree Peony Essence
HeartacheGentle Heart Aromatherapy Mister
Hot Flashes 1Transform Ease Essence Blend
Hot Flashes 2Valerian Flower Essence
Hot Flashes 3Spotted Coral Root Orchid Flower Essence
Illusions--See ThroughWestern Red Cedar Tree Essence
Internal CriticVine Maple Tree Essence
Irritations--Emotional SkinChamomile German Flower Essence
Jittery--RushedGoat's Beard Flower Essence
Judging OthersCooley's Hedge Nettle Flower Essence
Karmic PatternsPurple Passion Rose Flower Essence
Lack of ClarityClary Sage Flower Essence
Lack of ConfidenceWestern Columbine Flower Essence
Lack of Joy for LifePericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Living Collective BeliefsPurple Monarda Flower Essence
Lost Connection to DivineCherry Festival Peony
Mind--AgitatedLavender Flower Essence
Mind--Chatter / UnfocusedSolar Plexus Chakra Blend
Mind--Excessive EnergyNasturtium Flower Essence
Negative Self Talk 1Vine Maple Tree Essence
Negative Self Talk 2Throat Chakra Essence Blend
Out of BodySkullcap Flower Essence
OverwhelmOsoberry Flower Essence
Panic AttacksTwinberry Flower Essence
Planning--ConfusionRed Huckleberry Flower Essence
RejectionLung Organ Energy Meridian Blend.
Relationships--SortingSmall Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Reproductive IssuesRed Alder Tree Essence
RevvedPennyroyal Flower Essence
Self Image / Major ChangeEchinacea Flower Essence
Sensory Overload 1Twinflower Flower Essence
Sensory Overload 2Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend
Shadows of the PastMoon Shadow Rose Flower Essence
Shattered NervesPacific Dogwood Tree Essence
ShockArnica Flower Essence
Shock/StressSOS Remedy Blend
SorrowOceanspray Flower Essence
Stagnant EnergySkunk Cabbage Flower Essence
Stress--Daily LifeStress Relief Aromatherapy Mister
Trauma--BirthCalifornia Poppy Flower Essence
Trauma--ChildhoodRoot Chakra Essence Blendl
Trauma--DecomposeTurkey Tail Mushroom and Comfrey Essence Partners
Trauma--Soul SalveComfrey Flower Essence
UngroundedRattlesnake Plantain Orchid Flower Essence
Ungrounded IdeasSpleen Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Vulnerable & RawGrandmother Big Leaf Maple Tree Essence
World WearyDevil's Club Flower Essence
Worry--AnxiousWoodland Strawberry Flower Essence
Worry--Be happyNo Worry Be Happy Essence Blend
Worry--ConfidenceStomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend
Worry--ReleaseAngels of Light Aromatherapy Mister