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Mid-June 2021: Why Tree Frog Farm Essences are Unique

Mid-April 2021 – Yourself and Earth – Healing to Wholeness

Flash Sale! 14 Tree Essences – Honoring the Yule and Christmas Tree

October 2020 – Change Grief into Fully Engaging Life

Flash Sale – Peace Begins With Us

Mid-August 2020: You are Sacred!

August 2020 – Opening Your Heart to the World

May 2020: Quiet Your Busy Mind

Feb 2020: Heart-Centered Humanity

Mid­-January 2020: Changing Fear to Confidence

Mid-Nov 2019: Thank you Special – All 1oz Essence Blends! Yuletide Blessings!

Mid-September 2019: Emotional Mental & Boundary Help 😀

September 2019: Anxiety and Stress Relief!

Mid-August 2019: Manifesting Abundance!

August 2019: Live Higher Consciousness! 🌟

Mid-July 2019: Speak from Your Heart ❤️

July 2019: Emotional and Metabolic Help 😀

Mid-June 2019: Crown Chakra! The Seat to Enlightenment – Free Shipping Special Extended

June 2019: Who, Me Worry?😟

Mid-May 2019: Headaches!

May 2019: Gardening With Faeries

Mid-April 2019: Celebrating Earth Day!!

April 2019: Story of Tree Frog Farm

Mid-March 2019: Spring!!

March 2019: Mercury Retrograde and Polar Shifts!!💥💥

Mid-February 2019: Live with Heart ❤️❤️

February 2019: Accessing Confidence!

January 2019: Create for 2019!

Mid-December 2018: Peace in the Holidays

December 2018: Holiday Cheer! And Chakras!

November 2018: Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

Mid-October 2018: Falling into Grief

October 2018: Throat Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

Mid-September 2018: Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

September 2018: Chakras During Uncertainty, Diana’s Story

Mid-August 2018: Autumn Is in The Air

August 2018: Heartapathic Life & Shipping Special

Mid-July 2018: Disarmor Your Heart

July 2018: Summer Heat, Be Cool!

Mid-June 2018: Relieve Summer Stress!

June 2018: Diana’s Story, How She Started Making Essences

Mid-May 2018: Manifest Your Sunny Will

May 2018: Upgrade Your Body!

Mid-April 2018: Resilience from the Heart

April 2018: Spring Green Empowered Action

Mid-March 2018: Coming to Balance

March 2018: Season of Change

Mid-February 2018: Yellow Joy and Wonder

February 2018: Chakras!

Mid-January 2018: Embodied Confidence and Resilience

January 2018: Manifest Your Wildest Dreams!

Mid-December 2017: From Darkness Into Light

December 2017: Creating Sacred Holiday Space

Mid-November 2017: Thank you Shipping Special! Bath Salts and Yuletide Blessings!

November 2017: Passionate For Your Health

Mid-October 2017: Transform Your Self Image

October 2017: From Grief to Joyful Creativity

Mid-September 2017: Fires, Hurricanes and Earthquakes, Oh My!

September 2017: Calm and Grounded at School

Mid-August 2017: Season of Change

August 2017: Not Mercury Retrograde Yet?

Mid-July 2017: Summer of Compassionate Love

September 2015: Brain Jam!!

Mid-August 2015: Crystal Grounding

August 2015: Heartful During Stress

Mid-July 2015: Relaxed with Nature

July 2015: Spiritual Metabolism

Mid-June 2015: Fun Tripping!

June 2015: Healthy Land, Healthy You

Mid-May 2015: Energy Clearing with Nature Spirits

May 2015: Living Barefoot Beauty

Mid-April 2015: Earth Wisdom & Spiritual Spine

April 2015: Spring Into Action!

Mid-March 2015: Transform Worry to Gratitude

March 2015: Grounding the In-Between

Mid-February 2015: Your Body Electric!

February 2015: Bring Me A Higher Love

Mid-January 2015: Authentic Sweetness

January 2015: Manifest From Your Knowing

Mid-December 2014: Wrapped In Angel Wings

December 2014: Sacred Light

Mid-November 2014: Thank You Shipping Special! And Bath Salts, Too!

November 2014: Joyfully Engage Sorrow

Mid-October 2014: Transforming Grief

October 2014: Your Electromagnetic Field Vitality

Mid-September 2014: What, Me Worry?!

September 2014: Back To School With Centered Focus

Mid-August 2014: Changing Seasons, Grounding Home

Mid-July 2014: Connection with the Divine Heart and Matrix

July 2014: Freedom: Masculine & Feminine Harmony

May 2014: Earth Wisdom

Mid-April 2014: Sacred Harmony with Earth

April 2014: Detox and Spring Ahead

Mid-March 2014: Count Your Blessings

March 2014: Melting Into Spring

Mid-February 2014: Transform to Higher Heart-Centered Awareness

February 2014: Open Sweet Hearted Calm

Mid-January 2014: Relax Your Immune System

January 2014: Manifest with Confidence and Joy!

Mid-December 2013: Let There Be Light!

December 2013: Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

Mid-November 2013: Light & Heart = Peace

November 2013: Mercury Strikes Again!

Mid-October 2013: Joy Arising From Heartache and Grief

October 2013: Letting Go Into Your Self

Mid-September 2013: Relaxed Open-Hearted Grounded

September 2013: School Daze to Centered Focus

Mid-August 2013: Wrap Yourself In Autumn

August 2013: Open Hearted Summer

Mid-July 2013: Love and Compassion of the Divine Feminine

July 2013: Honoring the Spirit In Others

Mid-June 2013: Calming Stress

June 2013: Core Emotional Strength

Mid-May 2013: From Worry To Strength

May 2013: Earth Your Wood

Mid-April 2013: Earth Day, Every Day!

April 2013: Fresh Start

Mid-March 2013: Growing Discernment

March 2013: Golden Armor

Mid-February 2013: Heart Protectors

February 2013: Gentle Hearted Self-Love

Mid-January 2013: Deep Personal and Ancestral Healing

January 2013: Manifest Your Highest Intentions!

Mid-December 2012: Sacred Energies

December 2012: Enlighten Your Life

Mid-November 2012: Spiritual Spine

November 2012: Core Strength

Mid-October 2012: Clear the Air

October 2012: Transforming Grief

Mid-September 2012: Quantum Brain

September 2012: Calm Centered Clear

Mid August 2012: Gentle Heart

August 2012: Heart of Spiritual Fire

Mid-July 2012: Riding the Transformational Roller Coaster

July 2012: Enjoying the Fire of Summer

Mid-June 2012: No Worry Be Happy

June 2012: Earthing Yourself

Mid-May 2012: Manifest!

May 2012: Detox and Spring Ahead

Earth Day 2012

April 2012: Wrapped in Angel Wings

March 2012: Five Element Theory Overview

February 2012: Core Strength and Balance!

Mid-January 2012: Embodiment of Your Full Potential

January 2012: Transforming Fear into Joyful Confidence!

December 2011: Seed Peace Love and Harmony

November 2011: Joy, Gratitude, and Confidence

October 2011: Joyfully Engaging Life and Loss

September 2011: Autumn Nourishment

August 2011: Riding the Frequency Change Waves

July 2011: Open Creative Heart

June 2011: Fires of Summer

May 2011: Shapeshift Your Life!

April 2011: Spring Cleaning, New Growth

February 2011: Sweet Valentine

January 2011: Welcome to this Amazing New World!

December 2010: Manifest With Joy

November 2010: Descendants of the Cosmos and Earth

October 2010: Rewiring for a Peaceful Body

September 2010: Reawakening the Sacred Feminine

August 2010: Regardless…Enjoy and Play!

July 2010: Karmic Independence: All Is For Learning

June 2010: Clear Connected and Cohered

May 2010: No Worry Be Happy

April 2010: Celebrating Our Mother Earth

March 2010: Walk the Beauty Way

February 2010: Remembering You Are Love

January 2010: Clear Vision to Manifest

December 2009: Holiday Scents: Aromatherapy

November 2009: Out With the Old and In With the New

October 2009: Heart and Head

September 2009: Harmonious Integration

August 2009: Beauty Way: Salal

June 2009: Ancient Wisdom: Grand Fir Tree

May 2009: Welcome to Our World

April 2009: Spring Into Practical Action

March 2009: Emotional Fuel

February 2009: Heartfull Peace

January 2009: Manifest! Camas Lily

December 2008: Creating Sacred Space

November 2008: Transform Ease: Purple Monarda

October 2008: No Worry Be Happy

September 2008: Calm Centered Clear

August 2008: Be Here Embodied and Heartfelt

July 2008: Sensory Integration: Twinflower

June 2008: Body Mind Spirit Integration

May 2008: All is in Divine Order: Lily of the Valley

April 2008: Emotional Detox: Stinging Nettle

March 2008: Compost for the Cells and Soul

February 2008: From the Heart with Confidence

November 2007: Attitude of Gratitude: Hardy Fuchsia

October 2007: Ancient Wisdom: Garry Oak Tree

September 2007: Empowered Self-Worth: Vine Maple Tree

August 2007: Spiritual Spine, Seeing Through Illusion

July 2007: Circulating Into Abundance: Tropical Sunset Rose

June 2007: Homo Luminis: Red-Osier Dogwood

May 2007: Birth, Rebirth: California Poppy

April 2007: Spring Detox: Dandelion

March 2007: Transforming your Genetic Lineage: Bloodroot

February 2007: Nourishing Your Soil: Red Alder Tree

January 2007: At Home In Your Body: Rattlesnake Plantain

December 2006: Peace: Lupine

November 2006: Gratitude: Orange Wild honeysuckle

October 2006: Betwixt and Between: San Juan Mugwort

September 2006: School Daze: Saskatoon

July 2006: In the Summertime of Life: Black Cohosh

June 2006: Reframe Your Stories: Meadow Rue

May 2006: Self Love: Kinnikinnik

April 2006: From Muck to Sunshine: Skunk Cabbage

March 2006: Being Your Authentic Self: Oregon Grape

February 2006: Grounding Into Your Body: Dwarf Rose

January 2006: Clear Vision: Clary Sage

December 2005: Peace, Shalom, Salam, Peace Bonds

November 2005: Constancy with Love – Sweet Briar Rose

October 2005: Inspire Yourself! – Rosemary

September 2005: Peaceful Ease: Chamomile

August 2005: Blossoming Into Your Emerging Self With Ease: Echinacea

July 2005: Emotional Independence: Moon Shadow Rose and Purple Passion Rose

June 2005: Devil’s Club: From Thorns to Healing Balm

May 2005: Grounded Clarity: Woodland Strawberry

April 2005: April Fool, The Seeker: Bleeding Heart

March 2005: Balance

February 2005: Inner Wisdom

January 2005: Starting a New Year

December 2004: Winter’s Returning of the Light

November 2004: Borage and Oceanspray: Transforming Grief and Depression

September 2004: Fairy Rose of the Blue Moon

August 2004: Staying Healthy During Major Transition

July 2004: Self/Universal Love: Sweet Briar Rose, Oregon Grape, Western Trillium

June 2004: Intertwined Healing: Nootka Rose, Snowberry, Thimbleberry

April 2004: Red Elderberry: Let Your Light Shine!

March 2004: Salmonberry Support for New Directions

February 2004: Deep-rooted Insight and Integration

January 2004: Clary Sage, Clarity for the New Year

December 2003: Open Your Heart to the Holidays!

November 2003: Attunement With the Harmonic Concordance

October 2003: Shift in consciousness: Staying Open In This Tumultuous World

September 2003: Echinachea

August 2003: Deer and Pennyroyal at Tree Frog Farm

July 2003: Mock Orange